Postcard from Corinthia Hotel, Lisbon

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hello Darlings!!

Finally I get to share with you my Postcard from the AMAZING Corinthia Hotel Lisbon. It took me a minute to figure out how I was going to capture this heartwarming experience in a single image to open this post. But then I remembered that my first wow impression of this exquisite five-star hotel, happened when I opened the curtains in my room (see below), and saw this glorious view of the city from my window. I knew I had to portray the wonderful cityscape in her chic, wide-leg pants...

So here is the thing my friends, I want to get really real with you about this hotel experience, because it was unlike any trip I have ever been on. Corinthia Lisbon makes it their mission to show you not only an impeccable stay at their hotel, but ALSO the very best of what this city has to offer. So if you are wanting to go to Lisbon and leave feeling like you dove right into the heart of the city, look no further than this hotel.

When I first arrived at my room, my dining table was adorned with a beautiful fruit tart and welcome letter from the sweet general manager Roderick Micallef (see above). Almost immediately after settling in, the hotel's pr manager Maria Galante, aka the heart & soul of Hotel Corinthia Lisbon, whisked myself and my travel mates down to the SPA for an aromatherapy massage to get us back in balance after our flight from NYC. And from there we got dressed and ready to head into the city for our first day of adventures...

We started off in the very cool LX Factory area where we had lunch at A Praca restaurant (see below).

Almost immediately I started to feel the vibes of the Lisboa way of lifeeee. A little red sangria with our lunch, and some amazing majestic tunes floating across the restaurant, made NYC seem like a distant memory. After finishing our delicious meal of traditional Portuguese fresh fish and tapas cuisine, we headed out to the streets of this neighborhood to explore...

We happened upon this amazing labyrinthe bookstore, Ler Devagar, (see above) and of course I waited until the perfect moment when all the pathways cleared to take this photo ;p!!

From there we ventured to Mercado da Ribeira (see above), Lisbon's main food market since 1892, which was reinvigorated in 2014 when Time Out Magazine transformed the space into a foodies paradise.

We got so lucky with the gorgeous weather from the minute we arrived. All the incredible pastel colored buildings just glistened in the sunshine. Above is a view of the stunning Rua Augusta Arch and below is the view when you climb to the top!! FYI, Lisbon is packed with the most ornate architecture; with every turn of the corner, you get to discover a new jewel.

By this time our jetlag was starting to kick in so Corinthia Lisbon lead us on an adventure up Tram 28 for a pre-dinner drink in Alfama. From here you could see all the breathtaking views over the city (see below).

After we were properly sun-kissed and blissed, we were ready for our mouthwatering dinner at Corinthia's Tipico Restaurant. I can still remember the taste of that citrus glazing the fresh octopus salad and my stomach is growling!! I fell fast asleep that night with visions of Lisbon racing through my mind.

DFS T Journal #MustPack Feature

Thursday, May 19, 2016

SO excited to share this feature I did with DFS for their T-Journal #MustPack series. Check out the full interview on their site here:!!

Much love,
Meag xx

Bustle x H&M Summer Feature

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy Sunday Darlings,

Last month just before I left for Portugal and right after I returned from Japan, I got the opportunity to play dress-up with Bustle and H&M for a photo shoot in my favorite NYC Summer spot. I also got to share where I go for inspiration, what is on my Summer bucketlist, and everything in between. Check out the feature here: and see how I put together my favorite look from the new collection.

Much love,
Meag xx

First Class to Lisbon, Portugal with United Airlines!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Good Evening My Loves!!

I hope you all had an amazing month of April. Looking back on the blog, I realize that it was already one month ago that I left for Japan!! I was only back in NYC for 6 days before leaving to Portugal with United Airlines and Corinthia Lisbon from April 24th - 29th and simply ran out of time to post on my blog ;p!! So without further adieu, I would LOVE to share with you my experience from this extraordinary adventure.

United Airlines flew myself and 3 other journalists first class to Lisbon, but the journey really began the minute we checked in at Global Services in Newark's Terminal C. We were escorted to the gorgeous United Club (see below left) where we had cocktails and got to meet our travel companions.

Then we had a personal tour of the new OTG dining and shopping experience called "Oasis Concepts" in Terminal C where we had an award winning mixologist create custom cocktails from the bar cart (see above right). Can you imagine how elated my fellow travellers and I were?! And it didn't stop there. OTG and United prepared a plethora of sushi, cheese plates, bite-size burgers, and more for us to snack on before boarding the flight...

Needless to say, we did not go hungry. It was so interesting to see all the new restaurant concepts in the terminal, from Happy Clam (see above) to the future Dumpling House. They are bringing the experience you have eating out in Manhattan to the airport, and making quality food in a chic setting that reshapes the way we perceive airport dinning.

I will never forget my first view of Lisbon from the sky when we landed bright and early on Monday morning. I'm not exactly sure HOW I'm supposed to adjust to flying economy overseas ever again but I guess my cinderella moment can't last forever ;P!! I just want to express my deepest gratitude to United Airlines and OTG for showing my travel mates and I the most incredible commute to Portugal. So many magical memories stay with me but especially the hospitality and generosity of their teams.

SO excited to share with you my new illustration and Postcard from Corinthia Lisbon, Portugal coming up shortly. The one I created above was inspired by the feeling of first class with United and the blue & white tiles of Lisbon. Stay tuned for more my darlings!!

Much love,
Meag xx
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