Accessory Sketches for Fashion Snoops

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent SS12

Hello Darlings,

Finally I'm able to get back on my blog!! I've had such a wonderful week thus far. Full workdays and great evening events have kept me so busy. Anyways, I've wanted to share for a while now what has been occupying my time during the day these past few months. For those of you who follow my blog regularly you may have picked up on the fact that I've been working with a trend forecasting company since early September. Fortunately that has led to commissioned illustration work with them whereby I'm sketching the entire Accessory SS13 Analysis.

What does this mean exactly you ask?! Well, basically the lovely and talented Accessories Editor calls out key silhouettes for Women and Men. The callouts range from shoes to handbags, belts to headwear, sunglasses to earrings etc. I take the images of the identified styles and sketch the items using Adobe Illustrator. Our design clients intern take the sketches and input their own colors, patterns, textures etc. It has been such good fun and oh so fulfilling, although a little hard on the eyes. Might be time for a new MacBook Santa Clause ;)

Alright my loves, cheers to the weekend. I'm signing off to watch a new Modern Family...

Much love,
Meag xx

Cool Happenings + My Guest Blog Post

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello My Loves,

I hope you've had an incredible week so far. I can't even believe how fast time has flown. Days turn into nights and I find myself forgetting where we are in the week morning after morning. Anyways, I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to announce some fun things. Firstly, my uber talented friend and mentor Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel, has teamed up with Doris Leslie Blau for an exquisite rug collection which uses her customized prints and patterns.

I interned for Shanan back in May and learnt the ropes of turning her fine art into Eskayel's signature wallpaper, pillows, baskets, scarves and so much more. She will be hosting a Cocktail and Cupcake Party to celebrate the launch of the collection this Tuesday November 15th from 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM on NY's UES. Shanan's awesome and equally talented bf Nick Chacona will be djing too. Be sure to RSVP at and join me in the big time fun.

Secondly, I wanted to announce the guest blog post I did for Je ne sais this week. I had been asked by the lovely author and founder Nita a little while ago whether I was interested in contributing a post to her pages. After browsing through her blog it was clear that I had to jump right on that opportunity. Nita, much like myself, believes in a life of fashion or a fashionable, why don't you just read the post to find out exactly what I mean.

Check out my contribution post here titled Living the Fashionable Life.

Stay tuned for more fun updates friends and enjoy your Friday everyone.

Much love,
Meag xx

Fresh Faced Feminine

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hello Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful, restful first weekend of November. I spent the greater part trying to catch up on my sleep. Working 7 days a week is proving to exhausting as I thought it would be :) You know how they say, New York is the city that never sleeps?! Well, I can officially say with absolute certainty that I finally know why; everyone here is fighting to be at the top of their game, so there is never a moment to lose. It definitely helps that I happen to be in love with what I do. I would probably draw in my sleep if I could.

I had the great pleasure of revisiting my Alma Mater on Friday when my darling friend, and former professor, Joe Denaro invited me to his 6 hr drawing class. The gesture drawings you see above were produced in his class. Sadly I'm slowing down so much in my ability to render a whole figure in 5 minutes or less. But in a way I'm sort of happy because I produced these little vignettes which felt so fresh, effervescent, and feminine. I felt right at home being in FIT's hallways again and got to see so many familiar faces in the process.

Anyways darlings, I wish you a great start to your week and thank-you to all the new followers!! So happy to have you on board.

Much love,
Meag xx

I Love Pamela Love NYC

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pamela Love A/W 2011 Spectrum Crystal and Bronze Cuff

Hello My Sweets,

I assure you I did not make an error with this post's title. I truly do love Pamela Love and I will tell you why. Her jewelry is killer; in that perfect bohemian meets heavy artillery, punch you in the face if you cross me on the streets of New York, kind of way. There is something totally mythical, gothic, feminine, and unusual about her design aesthetic.

When I stumbled across her otherworldly cuff in the November issue of Lucky Magazine, naturally I couldn't wait to paint it. Oh and I just have to mention that she started out as an artist's assistant and eventually became an art director/stylist. When she couldn't find the perfect jewelry she started making it...and that's how it can all begin :)

If you haven't yet, browse through Pamela's beautiful A/W 2011 Lookbook over at her website!!

Much love,
Meag xx
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