Petal Pushers

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And sometimes I find myself wondering how I got to this place, how if I had been any different, any less aware, I may have missed where I was supposed to be - Meagan Morrison

Good Evening My Darlings,

Finally I'm able to return to you. Thank-you so much for your patience, support, kind words of encouragement, and all the lovely tweets I've received these past few weeks. Selfishly I've been savoring every last minute of being a student. More than anything I've just turned a bit inwards, become very quiet, in order to prepare for the next move. I thought for sometime about what my next post would be and I really wanted to do something different. I knew my class drawings from the past few weeks had a certain delicate quality to them and I wanted to mirror that with a theme. The truth is I've been feeling a little fragile lately with all the changes I'm undergoing.

It suddenly made sense to title this post Petal Pushers, and to incorporate the tiny petals of Tomo's dress into the background of each piece. I related to the petals, their elegant demeanor, and yet complete vulnerability to life and time. I feel this chapter of my life coming to a close. I know these petals must fall, a new season awaits, and I will grow to be even brighter, even stronger. I really can't help but wonder about the universe, about how everything really does fall into place. I can remember sometime over the winter break exchanging thoughts with you all about fate and destiny. Too many things have happened to me since January to not believe in destiny. Most importantly I believe in myself, believe in my vision, and know the rest will follow.

I wish you well my loves and hope that Spring is greeting you with plenty of inspiration.

All my love,
Meag xx


  1. The last one is my favorite!

    The colors are gorgeous. :]

  2. lovely work ! and such wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement . thanks for the wonderful post :)

  3. You are just damn amazing!

  4. Oooooo gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! LOVE the petals! So prettyyy :D And love the colours!

    Ok I'll shut up now

  5. so delicate, so beautiful. your illustrations always make me wanna dress and style like your characters (tomo in this case). the shoes in the last visual remind me of those fabulous YSLs that i want now. this is bad, meagan :)

    i'm feeling with you (changes always make me feel a little insecure). but once everything's fallen into place, you'll know what this all has been good for!


  6. Beautiful! They 're looking vibrant with the dynamic setting.

  7. hi pretty. Well the illustrations are just Gorgeous. I specially love what you did on that 3rd one where dress just extends into a contour of the leg. Just beautiful!
    Am so glad to see you back and hope to hear a few stories on how everything went.

    lots ans lots of kisses! :-))


  8. I'm a new reader to your blog and I'm really enjoying it. This post was no exception.


  9. Oh the delicateness of these just sends me into a whole different world! The colours, the brush strokes, the textures, everything is magical and they're all oh so elegant! Those beautiful petals really bring a new depth to the image and add that extra little touch of colour :)

  10. great words ...and i always love looking at your art work! :)


  11. First, your work is as wonderfully beautiful as ever!
    Second, I love the meaning you gave the petals. It is always great to look at what is ahead while you savor what just happened.

    I am so glad you are back to blogging! Congratulations on graduating!

  12. I'm glad to see you back on your blog. I missed you :) sounds like you are having a wonderful time. enjoy it. I'm happy for you!

  13. Beautiful drawings, I love the legs in the first illustration, so sexy! Hope everything is going well for you!

  14. Your post gave me goosebumps. Especially your quote at the beginning. I love the idea of petals..

    I'm a bit confused :s Don't you have another year to graduate? forgive my memory. Or, oh my goodness, has it already been 2 years?

    If so, oh meag, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to catch up soon!


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