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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pamela Love A/W 2011 Spectrum Crystal and Bronze Cuff

Hello My Sweets,

I assure you I did not make an error with this post's title. I truly do love Pamela Love and I will tell you why. Her jewelry is killer; in that perfect bohemian meets heavy artillery, punch you in the face if you cross me on the streets of New York, kind of way. There is something totally mythical, gothic, feminine, and unusual about her design aesthetic.

When I stumbled across her otherworldly cuff in the November issue of Lucky Magazine, naturally I couldn't wait to paint it. Oh and I just have to mention that she started out as an artist's assistant and eventually became an art director/stylist. When she couldn't find the perfect jewelry she started making it...and that's how it can all begin :)

If you haven't yet, browse through Pamela's beautiful A/W 2011 Lookbook over at her website!!

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. Woah!! So badass and yet beautiful - you capture it wonderfully, as usual! :)

  2. oh i'm in LOVE, too! :) still can't get over that 1000 dollar cuff that i want so bad :(

  3. You're illustration is stunning ! I couldn't even imagine it was possible to paint jewels like this...




  4. Stunning honey ;)


  5. Awesome jewelry. Your illustration really captures the essence of her work as well ... :D
    Susan Cooper

  6. I've seen her pieces before!

    And hat is a stunning painting! Pamela Love NYC would be proud ;)

  7. this is very supe draw. very nice.
    like it :)

  8. Hello Meagan!!!

    Love you header!,

    and love this piece of art,
    hugs and kisses


  9. Those cuffs are crazy! Definitely statement jewelry =) I hope all is well, Meagan... I'm in need of a coffee date soon. Next weekend perhaps? Happy creating to you!


  10. @Bri Lee haha awesome, I'm so happy you think so! Pamela Love jewelry is badass through and through xx

    @Blindcopy I thought of you when I was painting this and your story about the cuff. Perhaps you will get your hands on it one day.

    @Maelle R. thank-you so much, honestly I owe a lot to the quality of the reference. The colors were just so vivid.

    @Cristina L xo

    @Susan Cooper thank-you so much. Your comments are always so lovely :)

    @aggie thanks darling, I posted it to her facebook wall so hopefully she has a look.

    @TheMxsterious thank-you so much for checking out my blog and for the complement.

    @Johanna Urban so nice to read your comment. It's been a while, I'm sure you've been so busy. I will have to catch up with your blog xoxo

    @Joanna Baker yes, yes, yes!! Coffee date next Saturday?!! Please!!

  11. Oh wow... the colours!! Your illustrations are so captivating. I wish I could paint, I'm still working on trying to get the drawing down! Do you paint completely with brushes or do you use those water soluble colour pencil type things at any point? I don't even know if this is a silly question.

    I read your about me section - what a dream job!


  12. @Amy - Hello lovely, thanks so much for visiting and for your wonderful comment!! It really depends regarding the supplies. The cuff I painted above is 90% paint and a little colored pencil for definition but other times I use 100% paint washes and no ink or colored pencil whatsoever. Just keep at it and it will come. Start painting what you love and draw only what you see :) xo


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