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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So typically I'm not really into surprises, unless of course the surprise comes in the form of my illustration being published and made available on newsstands nationwide!! Today I received the most wonderful piece of news when IDEE FIXE Magazine's Features Editor, Katie Kingsbery Palmer, wrote to inform me that after months of waiting the first issue of the magazine had finally been published. Back in January I had created an illustration to relate to their article It's the Singer, Not the Song and was super anxious ever since to see it placed with the actual text.

I'm not sure it will ever get old, the feeling I receive when I crack open a magazine for the first time and see my very own artwork glistening inside. It's quite simply, magic. If you live in the U.S., be sure to pick-up a copy of this uber refreshing, art, beauty, and fashion publication and see for yourself what it means to experience IDEE FIXE.

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. Great ilustration...the other day I was talking to a friend ilustrator and he told me he went back to the hand made drawings. Really interesting what he said !!!

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  2. Well done Meagan, huge well done, it's so good to see that your work is reaching further and further afield. I wish I could get a copy but I don't think this magazine is sold in UK. But keep going, hopefully one of your illustrations will end up in a magazine sold over here so that I can buy it and tell everyone "Look, look, I 'know' the girl who did this illustration" :)

    Veronika (

  3. Oh that is the bestest feeling ever and am so glad for you. It looks so so cool. I love your work and totally looking forward to seeing it in magazines only more and more :-)))




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