Fashion's Night Out at Lord & Taylor 2!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Saturday My Loves!!

How was everyone's week?! I'm finally catching up with myself after the most insane 14 days and digging myself out of the mound of clothes tossed around my bedroom (fashion week wardrobe fails and wins). I plan to post photos from my trip to London & Paris over the next few days, but wanted to show you this awesome video from FNO at Lord & Taylor, made by the lovely Hannah Maryse (sister of the brilliant Mara Cespon). It was so awesome reuniting with my former classmates and professors. FIT will always feel like my home away from home.

Look out for me in the video at the 1:20 min mark!! Talk soon friends.

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. such a sweet video! you must had a lot of fun!<3

  2. @Sunny, Hannah did such a great job with the vid for sure!! I would love to meet and draw alongside you for an event like this xoxo

  3. Hello!

    Long time no see, Hope you are doing good!


    Johanna, Sweden

  4. @Johanna so wonderful to see you around again!! It truly has been a long while. I hope all is well for you too.

    I will visit your blog shortly...xx

  5. So cool Meag! I wish I knew, I would have stopped by =) We must get together soon and catch up. I want to hear all about your London and Paris adventures! I hope all is well...

  6. @Joanna I MISS YOU!! We need after work tea asap!! And this time no soya milk haha XOXO


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