Postcard from Paris

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I arrived in Paris on a beautiful Saturday morning in the 18th arrondissement.
I found my way haphazardly to my girlfriend Julia's flat using broken French and my smile!
I opened the gate to paradise...
and documented myself in the mirror to make sure this was all real.
I rode the metro from Chateau Rouge to Palais Royal to find my Paris daydream.
I found it!

I took my goodies to the Pompidou...
and sat soaking up the sunshine.
I ate the most delicious ham and swiss quiche!
Then devoured it...
I watched the Alexander Calder spinning above me...
and eventually wandered to my single most favorite art piece in Paris.
I strolled to the Tuileries Garden...
and remembered all the things I ever loved about Paris.
I watched the French being French...
and pictured myself riding a golden horse through the streets of Paris.
I found my stride when landing on Rue Saint-Honore...
and saw inspiration in every shop window!
including this one...

I stumbled upon this view...

and finally found the source of my macaron obsession. 

Here I saw life through pastel colored glasses.

Tea for one please!

I said goodbye to my friends at Laduree...

and discovered spoons falling from the sky.

I found the missing obelisk from my trip to Luxor, Egypt this past April.

Then stopped for drinks with a real Frenchie at Hotel Costes

The next morning the train awaited but I left my heart in Paris!


  1. Beautiful, Meagan! I'm planning to visit Paris in 2 years and this post is making me giddy with excitement!

  2. Aww, this only makes me want to visit Paris even more! :)

  3. Stunning photos - looks like you had a wonderful and action-packed trip. I can't wait to visit Paris one day!

    Kate xo

  4. Sound great. Like your postcard posts. Want to go to Paris! Now!

  5. Lovely post! Beautiful photos and amazing illustration!

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Johanna, Sweden

  6. Amazing images - looks like you had a amazing and action-packed journey. I can't hang on to check out London one day., I definitely like tracking all over the earth so much that is why I find travel agents that was acquiring a awesome encounter

  7. That sounds like you had an amazing time! Lovely pictures as well! :) xx

  8. An amazing post!


  9. YUMM Love the cakes

  10. Seems like my ideal day in Paris!!! Love it!

  11. Really nice! Its facinating, that you can travel and live on illustrations. Keep it up!

  12. Great photos.

  13. Love Paris! Nice pics and drawing!

  14. You look like you are having a great time and I love that drawing!

  15. i'm so jealous! i hope you have a magnifique time in paris. i'm going back in march and i can't wait!

  16. Wonderful pictures!

  17. gorgeous pics!

  18. Beautiful Place!! i love paris. As a traveler useful info for me

  19. HEy Kris Angel great place.!!! thanks for the useful information.!!!


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