Postcard from Rio De Janeiro

Monday, March 31, 2014

This postcard is inspired by my incredible journey through Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is a curation of the beauty, sights, and colors I saw while being there. Referenced from the runway of Rio Fashion Week, she wears Cristo Redentor, Corcovado, and Sugarloaf Mountain in her hair, coconuts from her ears, and the boardwalks of Copacabana and Ipanema around her neck. She is a pure reflection of how my heart was perpetually marked by this extraordinary city, country, and the people within it.
We started our journey in beautiful Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro on the morning of Saturday March 15th leaving the frost of New York City behind us.
We drank cappuccinos at Terzetto Cafe and wandered through the trendy streets of Ipanema Beach. 
I blended with the Portuguese blue tiles of the city streets...
and discovered the chic store for all "Rio It Girls" - FARM RIO
At night, Cine Santa Teresa glowed for all to see and beckoned us to a Rio of the past. 
The following morning we woke to run along the waves of Ipanema until I found my surfboard.
We drank from coconuts and followed the black and white tiled road of the boardwalk.
Ipanema was a kaleidoscopic paradise.
Walls were papered with passion, hope, and protest.
but we found our love on the steps of Escadaria Selaron.
We made our way to Museu de Arte Moderna on Guanabara Bay for cheeky Brazilian art...
and blew kisses from Theatro Municipal.
We rode the cable car to Sugarloaf Mountain...
and waved to Corcovado from the top! 
I held Cristo Redentor in my hand...
until we splashed through Copacabana Beach. 
We drove up the winding rode through Tijuca's National Park to find God...and we did.
My beautiful love beamed in the sunset of Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro...
while the city down below took our breath away.


  1. Fantastic pictures! I wanna go to Rio - now! I'm so jealous! And you look beautiful! Such a babe! :)

    1. @Blindcopy thank you my love!! You are the sweetest. I miss you and your blog so much. Are you still in Dubai? Are you posting again? Can you put your blog address in the comment section below because I can't find it by clicking through your username xoxo

  2. Holy Crap!!! your art work is amazing!!! so beautiful! im in love! very talented! love ur blog too! im also have a travel blog! please check it out ;)

    1. @Vanillaskydreaming you just made my day!! Thank you so much for all your kind words. I will visit your blog now xoxo


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