HANRO of Switzerland x Saks Event Illustrating

Monday, December 1, 2014

Good Evening My Loves,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! I'm just returning from a long weekend in Toronto and gearing up for another very exciting travel adventure this Wednesday (more on that shortly)!! Last month I helped HANRO of Switzerland, a super luxe undergarments company, celebrate their 130th Anniversary at Saks illustrating live customer portraits. This was such an intimate (no pun intended) affair. I really felt like I had the opportunity to chat with each one of my recipients that night.

Kim Caldwell, pictured above, just started her very own bra fitting and personal consulting company www.hurraykimmay.com. She had such incredibly positive energy, I really wanted to share a bit more from her here on Travel Write Draw. It's amazing how much living in my own passion attracts people who do the same. It is so inspiring to meet and surround myself with other likeminded entrepreneurs. You can do whatever you put your mind to you just have to believe!!

Can't wait to share the next, and very imminent, Travel Write Draw adventure!! New post coming right up.

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. Replies
    1. @Jana awe I would love to illustrate you!! Next time I will post in advance on my blog so you can attend xx

  2. You did a great job!
    Did actually somebody illustrated you?

    1. @lorenabr unfortunately no hah, I'm always the one illustrating but now I'm having my picture taken a lot so that's fun too xx

  3. Fantastic job! I want one, too. :) xo

    1. @Blindcopy you must fly here so I can do it live xx


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