St. Thomas Bound with The Ritz-Carlton!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Good Evening My Darlings!!

I'm currently writing this post from my ocean view room at The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas. I sort of skipped over all the crazy, amazingness of fashion week here on the blog, to bring you right up to speed with where I am at this moment. This past week I celebrated my 30th birthday (I can't even believe I'm writing that) and the celebrations continue here in the Virgin Islands with the incredible Ritz staff. So far I've been greeted with cupcakes decorated with my illustrations as icing, as well as a bottle of champagne, and a deep tissue massage. I can assure you after NYFW this season, I needed every minute of it...

BUT right now it is time to be present at this beautiful hotel, in this sparkling destination. I promise, promise, promise, I will catch you all up in the wonderful happenings of New York fashion week when I'm home in a few days.

Speak soon!!
Meag xx


  1. So fun and happy birthday! I turned 30 in July & it was no where as exciting as being in St Thomas ; )

    1. @Tonya L awe hahaha turning 30 is exciting no matter where you are!! I'm so thrilled about this new decade. I feel like I can finally be me and free in every sense. All the best xx

  2. Your art is stunning!

    xx Leesa & Kate
    Travel inspo?

    1. @Leesa Kate that is so sweet of you to say!! Thank you!! xx


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