Harper's BAZAAR 12 Fashion Illustrators to Follow

Sunday, October 4, 2015

In the midst of all this crazy amazing stuff happening with Vanity Fair and Karlie Kloss regramming my illustration of her during NYFW, I somehow managed to make it onto the Harper's Bazaar revised list of 12 Fashion Illustrators to Follow on Instagram. When this list came out a year ago, September 2014, I was so sad to not make the cut. BUT it fuelled me that much more to keep pushing and getting bigger partnerships and more awareness of Travel Write Draw. The moral here: never say never, it isn't over till you quit, work harder than you ever dreamed imaginable, and do cool shit....I think that just about sums it up :)


  1. Congr! What kind of things did you do to push harder? I always thought it was the luck of the drawm

    1. @Tonya L maybe for some people it is. I just stayed focused on partnering with brands that aligned with Travel Write Draw and building a community on instagram. Eventually people take notice.


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