The David Bromstad x Kipling USA Collection Part II

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hello Again Sweets,

I hope you are loving the new David Bromstad x Kipling USA collection as much as I am!! Here are a couple shots of me with my favorite piece, the Around the World S Wheeled Luggage, in my neighbourhood, Williamsburg. I love that this carry-on is as much a statement piece in my outfit as my shoes and hat. It's a reminder that the adventure starts the moment you start packing, not just when you step foot on the plane!! Oh and just a friendly refresher that if you use promo code: DBxKipling you can get 25% off your order. So what are you waiting for?! Time to escape...

Photography By: Gabrielle Levy


  1. Nice post!!!!!! Many who are "well-traveled" within their own country, have not traveled outside of North America. You need to remember, most states in the U.S. are bigger than most countries in Europe. Americans cannot just hop on a high speed train and be in another country in 2 hours. Also, there is so much to see within The U.S. and North America, one has many vacation choices for years and years.know more visit here.Thanks:)

    1. @Shamim oh yes! I'm very much aware. That is why I love to travel abroad so often xx

  2. Replies
    1. @Beth Harrelson they are Marc Jacobs! So fun right?! xx

    2. @Beth Harrelson they are Marc Jacobs! So fun right?! xx


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