Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goddess, oh how far I feel from being one right now. For the past four weeks my life has been absolutely positively consumed with career grooming and overhauling. No one said it would be easy, certainly not for the second time around, but boy did I not see this coming. Updating my resume, making over my blog, preparing my portfolio (for illustration, design, and various other career pursuits), going to interviews, interning, working on new illustration commissions, attending meetings for upcoming projects, and maybe sneaking in a few social events too :), I really never saw summer. Now suddenly my former classmates are heading back to school and I'm wondering when it's time for the beach.

Periods of transition like this always induce such anxiety. It's the instability of not knowing what's coming next, what opportunity will strike, but it also makes for possibly one of the most exciting times in one's life. I spent the last two years in school wanting to get out so I could do exactly what I'm doing now. I'm finally here and I'm wanting to be settled in a job and my career pursuits. When does the wanting stop and the enjoying begin? Maybe it's just me? I don't really know. But what I do know is that without struggle there can be no progress. Thank goodness I was born with a lot of fight in me because New York is not for the faint of heart. My hunger for success has never been more strong.

As my friend Jenny and I say, the time is now, so what are you waiting for?

Lots of love,
Meag xx


  1. Meagan, the back of that dress is stunning!

    And I can relate to what you're feeling right now. My internship ends in less than a month (and I'll graduate then!), and now I'm job hunting. Never thought that it'd be this hard...

  2. i feel you! i hated the time around my graduation, job interviews... i'm glad this is over, done, past and my life with job etc. is kind of set. on the other hand i often ask myself if this is really the life, job etc. i wanted? did i do everything right? and gosh, there ARE things i could and should have done (better, earlier, differently...). that said i agree: your time is now! even if your anxious, insecure or tired sometimes (warning - typically cheesy copywriter phrase ahead) - your future happens now. and with illustrations like yours you shouldn't really worry too much about it, meags xoxoxo

  3. Dear Meagan, I totally understand how you're feeling right now, that mixture of dread that you just don't know what will happen next and the utter excitement that you are forging ahead and making things happen can be really tough to handle. We start craving even just a short period of stability and predictability, just to give us enough time to catch our breath. But, as kazucopy said above, with your illustrations (and I've seen one now in real life so I can really speak up on this) you don't have anything to worry about, your future is as bright as those colours you use in your work :)

    Veronika (http://www.constantworkinprogress.com)

  4. "I really never saw summer." me too ;) This summer was very busy (exams, work) and now i've to start university "It's the instability of not knowing what's coming next" stressing, completely stressing is this period 4 me :S !!
    You r leaving your dream!! who cares about summer?? :D

    I love the dress ;D

  5. The time is now, meag, the time is NOW

  6. Wow Inspiring! Thanks for sharing keep up the great work!

  7. Meagan~ Your gesture drawings are beautiful as always. I envy your stamina- a whole month of non-stop portfolio and branding! I only just discovered your blog a few months ago but I can already see how your aesthetic is transforming and taking shape. You are crazy talented and it will all fall into place. I wish I had to foresight to tell you how it will all work out (and tell myself how it will all work out =) but we just have to keep plugging away until something amazing happens. New York has a way of making you feel so small and yet more empowered than ever to make it through. Keep painting and I look forward to seeing what you create next!


  8. You're not alone! Everyone has to go through it at some point, but it ultimately makes you a better person.

    Love the drawings!!

  9. Every time I visit your blog, there's always something exciting, beautiful and inspiring waiting for me!I can clearly see your progress,passion and diligence! Keep going!:)

    Go for it Meagan! Make your dreams all come true!!!


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