The Box Clutch

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

(1. Kotur, 2. Kotur, 3. Bottega Veneta, 4. Givenchy, 5. Diane Von Furstenberg, 6. Nina Ricci, 7. Devi Kroell, 8. Alexander McQueen, 9. Alexander McQueen, 10. Devi Kroell, 11. Leiber, 12. Roberto Cavalli)

Hello Darlings,

It's another beautiful sunny day here in the countryside and I'm finally feeling like myself again. It's amazing what a restful four nights sleep can do for you. Anyways, before I go any further I just wanted to thank you, my beautiful readers, for the incredibly heartfelt comments you left on my last post. I've said this before, and I will say it again, just how truly mind-blowing it is to connect with complete strangers throughout the blogosphere. There is nothing more rewarding than feeling like you are helping others and yourself by being honest; opening up to the world.

Moving on, today's post has been in the works for a few weeks now and I've finally found the time to do it justice. You have no idea just how much working for a trend forecasting company has influenced me. I feel empowered in the sense that I believe in my eye for trend spotting and that my opinion is as informed as the next street-style blogger or editor. After months of walking the streets of the garment district in Manhattan, and scouring through one luxury department store after another, I have concluded that the box clutch is and will be the must-have purse of SS12.

The 12 SS12 box clutches I've collaged above are only a select fraction of what currently exists on right now. I have numerous pictures collecting in my iPhone (from BCBG to Henri Bendel) of gorgeous holiday box clutches, in shimmering metallics and embellished beads, to support this call-out. I for one have not yet settled on my box clutch of choice. How could a girl possibly choose from so many choices? Naturally I just had to paint one instead.

What bag are you lusting to own this Spring?

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. I love the number 10 clutch! I think the real question is what bag am I not lusting to own this spring?

    I love bags. It's my weakness!

    I love the painted one! I'd buy it. :)

  2. Oh that painting is SO beautiful, it looks like the gems are really sparkling - you are one talented lady, Meagan!

    Oh, and that mosaic print on #2 is just too rich to go past. :)

  3. wow how do you do that with watercolors?? amazing work

  4. amazing illustration on the clutch Meag.

  5. I can't stop staring at that clutch! Beautiful!

  6. I've actually featured clutches in my little project too, but not box clutches.

    Lovely illustrations as always ;)

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  8. beautiful, beautiful drawing! would love to have a superzised version of it for one of our walls! box clutches are so pretty, though I believe not very practical, no? but pretty, and that's all that counts. :) have a super start into 2012, all the best, luck, love and happiness to you, Meag! xoxoxo

  9. wow Meag, these decorations on your drawing look like the real thing! your art impresses me more and more every day! xx

  10. Your clutch sketch is so beautiful!

  11. I love your drawing so much that I can see. Amazing just so amazing!

    Have a wonderful New Years start and Happy New Years!

    And I really need your support, follow me. Thank you!

  12. I need some box clutches!!! love the one you illustrated!!!
    We need to hang out soon...xo

    -Trois Femmes-

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  14. The collection is beautiful, but your illustration takes the cake!


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