Holiday Heroine

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays Lovelies!!

I'm blogging from Toronto now, cozy in my parent's new kitchen, and the sun is pouring through the windows. I couldn't be happier being in my family's company and regrouping after an extremely stressful last six months. I'm still working away at the swimwear sketches I've been contracted to do for Fashion Snoops and hoping to get it all wrapped up before Saturday. That said, I've taken a day or two to catch up with myself, friends, and family. Perhaps the best part of all is that I'm back to blonde lol. A four month hair hiatus can make a girl go crazy!!

So today's post is titled Holiday Heroine because the attitude Tomo was exuding this past Sunday just screamed X'mas Diva. Somehow through the twinkling lights, and layers of fur, she managed to model with all her fierceness. I've coined the term Holiday Heroine for all the girls (and boys) out there who are dominating the insanity of the Holiday Season right now with such grace and poise. Sadly, I'm not one of them. I fall somewhere in the category of hot mess, emotionally distressed, and total procrastinator. But I have until early January to work on that ;)

Anyways, I wanted to end this post with a very exciting announcement!!!! I've decided to start a new segment on my blog for 2012 titled TWD Darlings. There are just so many individuals out there who are trailblazing in their careers, and inspiring me everyday, that I want to illustrate and promote them right here on my blog. Could you be the next TWD Darling?!! I guess you will have to wait and see.

Season's Greetings Everyone!!

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. Sounds like a great new addition to your blog!! Love the illustrations!

    Merry Christmas! (:

  2. Oh dear, that distressed messy procrastinator thing :D really sounds like me... And I'm home in Italy too, cooosy coooosy :D (but God, it's probably the coldest Christmas period we've had in Tuscany in like 3 years, brrrrr)

    Love love love your illustrations as usual



  3. Nice illustrations i like it so much =)

  4. Don't we all wish we could be Those Girls (or Boys, for that matter)?

    I love your blog and these are beautifully colored illustrations. Relax and happy holidays. :)

  5. Simply stunning, love the first dress! :)

  6. Happy Holidays! Good luck with your new segment. I know it will be as fabulous and interesting as you are. :), Susan Cooper 

  7. Welcome back To Toronto, hope your enjoying this unusually warm weather! I love your pictures by the way, great stuff!

  8. @Cindy thanks so much, I'm really excited to start very soon :)!!

    @Al, thank-you as always for your beautiful commentary.

    @Art & Culture your blog rocks too, thanks so much.

    @On Sideways, boy do I ever need some more relaxation :) haha thanks so much.

    @Angelica, thank-you so much, I will let the designers know ;)

    @Susan Cooper, you always leave the most beautiful commentary and it brings such a smile to my face. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart xx

    @Matthew Lima are you also from Toronto?! So great that you came to visit my blog. I love my fellow Canadians :)!!

  9. Stunning. Absolutely beautiful. You're figures are always my favourites!!! Please keep creating like this forever!!!!!!!!!


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