TWD Darling: Liz Cabral

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello My Loves,

Finally I'm able to introduce to you my first ever TWD Darling; The beautiful, fierce, fashion maven, coined "the one to watch" by Mr. Tommy Ton himself, Liz Cabral. She also happens to be the Fashion Director of Canada's FLARE Magazine and, might I add, single handedly proving that Canada is not just following the trends, but setting them too BIG TIME. I'm not sure at what point I caught on to her style, between the impeccable street shots and her feature on The Coveteur, but I've officially found my new style inspiration and illustration muse.

Oh and it doesn't end there, she can actually add accessory designer to her CV as well!! Cabral collaborated with Canadian shoe giants ALDO on an incredible Python Wedge Sandal last Spring and The Shopping Channel for the Flare Lamb Convertible Shoulder Bag. My ultimate goal has always been to take my knowledge of trends, illustration, and design and convert that into wearable products. Naturally I can't help but admire her ability to do the same. With all the major Fashion Weeks just around the corner, I can't wait to catch more glimpses of her all over town.

I hope you all enjoy the first ever TWD Darling post because there are plenty more to come. Loads of inspiration, not nearly enough time :)!!

Much love,
Meag xx

Exciting News: You can check out this illustration on FLARE's Facebook Page here!!


  1. I love how very stylish this woman is. Great illustration.

  2. LOVE this illustration so much,very talented work!!!

  3. Your paintings are getting A LOT better! :D Love the colours and textures in this one.

  4. Love your work with COLOR!! :)

  5. Great illustration ;)
    I love the skirt!

  6. Great post, Meag! I look forward to more TWD darlings (great idea btw- endless inspiration) Awesome that they featured your sketch =) Can't wait to catch up soon!


  7. Really loving your work at the moment, the texture on the skirt is awesome!!


  8. How very cool. Good luck with this and your goals. You are a gifted and talented person. I know you will make it happen.

    I truly look forward to hearing more about Liz Cabral and TWD in the future.

    :-), Susan Cooper


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