Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY - ZELEB Dress!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello My Loves,

I have such exciting news to finally share with you all!! Travel Write Draw has teamed up with UK fashion company ZELEB London for a totally lust worthy Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY!!

The prize you ask?! One of these five INCREDIBLY beautiful ready to wear party dresses.

Dress Codes from L-R: 0787, 0793, 0784, 0790, 0786

I had heard from ZELEB's lovely PR person back in the Fall and finally we found the right concept to make this all possible. After all, whether you are single, happily committed, detest the holiday or love it, who wouldn't want to win a gorgeous dress on Valentine's Day?!

For those of you who don't know, ZELEB designs and produces all their dresses in house with the finest couture sewers and pattern makers. Their celebrity client list ranges from the breathtaking Anne Hathaway, Natalia Vodianova (illustrated above), Jenny McCarthy, Amanda Bynes, to the smoldering Keira Knightley just to name a few ;). They have all been linked to their respective dress of choice on the company's website and now you can have the chance to win your very own!! Simply follow the rules below on how to enter.


1. Follow Travel Write Draw with Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin'
2. Like Travel Write Draw on Facebook
3. Follow ZELEB on Twitter
4. Like ZELEB on Facebook
5. Lastly, leave a comment here on this post describing how you plan to spend Valentine's Day this year; include your email and Facebook name in the comment.

This contest will be open from January 30th - February 13th 2012. The winner will be selected using and announced right here on Valentine's Day February 14th. I will also send the winner an email and they will have the opportunity to select from one of the five dresses above using the associated code. I will forward your dress request and size to ZELEB and they will send it to you directly.

SOooo good luck all you hot tamales!! Can't wait to see who the winner is!!

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. I plan to take my boyfriend out to a nice restaurant, wearing a nice dress (maybe one of the ones above?) and pretend like we're in an old movie. maybe dance to some violins or something? Then go home and have kinky sex with chocolate.

  2. Too bad, maybe i will spend Valentine's Day with some excercise from my school cause i'll have try out on 13-15 Feb :( I wish when i get finish the try out, i can spend the day with my friends with a new dress from Zeleb hehe
    Sarah Rizqi Amaliah


  3. I plan to spend Valentine's Day watching a RomCom and eating chocolate. Aaah, being single yet again around this time of year. :)
    Facebook name: Cindy Moniz

  4. My hubby and I plan to celebrate Valentine's Day by going out to eat and catching a movie. I made him a couple presents this year and I can't wait to show him. =)
    Julie Maguda

  5. I don't really have any plans for Valentine's Day. I think it's a day that celebrates love, and that love shouldn't be simply limited to a certain person.Since I'm not in any relationship as of now, I'd celebrate V.Day with my mother or with my friends-both of whom I love a lot.It's a day to express your love and concern for anyone and everyone you love!Even if it's not a dinner somewhere outside,I love the idea of enjoying a meal at home, and spending quality time with my Mom.That's my idea of a perfect V.Day!!!!

  6. I will probably have a nice dinner with my boyfriend and maybe go to the beach!

    fb name: brittany kennedy
    twitter: l_a_required

    littleassemblyrequired at gmail dot com

  7. i will just hanging out with my friends, girls night out! :)

    Facebook : Vina tan II
    twitter : @fiorellyss

  8. I plan on spending Valentine's Day all alone, with a box of Raw Organic Chocolate, crying hysterically and rocking out to OutKast's "Happy Valentine's Day"...Winning this contest is the only thing that might keep me from jumping off the BK Bridge...fingers crossed! p.s. absolutely stunning illustration, bet that chick has a bf.

  9. I'm gonna spend this day alone, as always, focusing on my self. I've been single since a LOT. Really a lot. So I def need a new dress ;) I love this giveaway.

    FB name: Cristina Legnini
    Twitter name: AuntieXtina

    I follow you ;)

  10. Valentine's Day is workday, so I definitely will study as always, but after I am going to be at home and cook something tasty, low-calorie and sweety and celebrate with somebody who will be free that evening.

    FB name: Anna Popkova

  11. For this Valentines day, I'll be spending it with my best girl friends. No lucky we'll probably be watching silly movies, eating cupcakes, and moaning about being single :). OR...I will be going out to a nice dinner and dancing in my fabola party dress. Hope i'm a winner!
    Lovin this rockin illustration.. xoxo

  12. Awesome, Valentine's Day is very near our anniversary. We typically go to the wine county and have a fabulous dinner. This year will be no exception. So, there you have it.

    PS check out my near website. we just launched it on thursday. :-),Susan Cooper

  13. Really awesome! I will spend it with my dear family. I think I'll also eat a lot of chocolate that day. haha! Your blog is true inspiration!

  14. My bf is taking me out for a surprise present then he is treating us both to 2 hour spa treatments before a rad dinner. I'm so excited
    Mary Meyer

  15. I love the dress and the illustration!

    I'm going to spend valentine's with my favorite person in the world, my bf. we're going to benihana, which is a valentine's tradition. maybe we'll also watch a bad movie (fingers crossed).

    Emma Kadar-Penner

  16. I think I'll also eat a lot of dark delicious chocolate that day. haha! Your site is real inspiration!

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