ANNA SUI Fall 2012 Runway Review

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Hello My Darlings,

Finally I'm delivering my long overdue ANNA SUI post to you!! It took a while to settle on the looks I wanted to illustrate. Ultimately I chose three ensembles that I felt embodied the overall feel of the collection (oh and three faces that I adore too; Lindsey Wixson, Anais Pouliot, and Daphne Groeneveld). Since part of my agreement with Would You Rock This was to write a review about the collection, here goes my more formal take on ANNA SUI Fall 2012:

Anna Sui is not just a designer; she's a storyteller. When the lights dimmed and spotlights centered on her Fall 2012 backdrop, it was clear we were leaving behind the dismal parka covered streets of New York and entering into Anna's world. Her invitation into an enchanting fantasy was too enticing to refuse. At first her inspiration references were hard to pinpoint, making it difficult to truly appreciate the jovial spirit of the collection. In time, a flavor of 60's floral, ladylike librarian, and folkloric bohemian silhouettes had you falling in love with Sui.

The collection offered the perfect balance of staying true to the brand, with the lust after original prints, layering, and spunky upbeat models, but also appealed to the fresh seeker. It felt suitably rich in texture and embroidery; and even though the looks were young and spirited, the glistening of gold embellishments on the caftans and headpieces reminded you that Anna means business, and no detail is ever overlooked. In a time when the realities of the real world seem too much to bare, Sui cracks the cover of her fairy tale and beckons you in.

So that's it my loves. I hope I did the collection justice. It was an absolutely remarkable experience and acted as the biggest reminder EVER of my love for fashion. I can't wait to hear what you all thought of the show and furthermore to catch-up with all the buzz in London!!

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. Absolutely stunning Meags!!! :) Amazing as always.....

  2. Wooow!! :D amazing Illustration, Anna Sui should see your amazing work :D

    You look so good and happy :D

  3. Your drawings are simply beautiful. How I would love to have the talent that you have. My vector drawing just do not compare. :-), Susan Cooper

  4. Beautiful, Meag! How lucky you are to go to a show!! Can't wait to see what's next for you... =)


  5. Your drawings are really great! :)

  6. absolutely gorgeous Meag!!!, love them all, xo

  7. Beautiful pictures! You are so talented! x

  8. you go girl!!!! as always....AWESOME illustrations!!!

  9. ilustrações lindas!!!

    Luh ^^


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