Illustrated Packing List: Egypt Essentials

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello My Loves,

How have you all been?! I'm so excited to share this post with you after three days of putting it together. For the longest time I've wanted to do a "what's in my bag" illustrated entry on TWD. I think your essential day-to-day items say so much about you as a person. Furthermore, the things you deem essential on your travels reveal a lot about your character too. Since I'm leaving for Egypt on Friday, I thought it would be really cool to illustrate my travel essentials for this North African adventure. Fun prints, good tunes, great read, and color...= me!!

Magenta Merino Wool Shawl by Virginia Johnson
Floppy Sun Hat by Joe Fresh
Anytime Tortoiseshell Sunglasses by Karen Walker
Statement Necklace by Dannijo
Printed Pants by Cut25
Bunny Ear iPhone Case by Rabito
Egypt Travel Guide by DK Eyewitness Travel
Orange Stingray Leather Sandals by Miu Miu

I didn't illustrate my sketchbook or camera but they most definitely are on the essential list. I have every intention of putting them to good use too!! Alright loves, see you all in April!!

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. looove the hat and shoes, meag! you're going to have the time of your LIFE!! I'm so super excited for you. great illos <3 xoxo Alex

    1. Ohhh wow what a lovely beautiful art ! I Became your blog fan ! the pictures which you have posted in your blog how did you catch these all snaps ! I'm so excited to share & forward your blog & image's !
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  2. Great sketches, I am going to Egypt over easter!!


  3. Beautiful illustration! I hope you'll have a great time in Egypt!
    Priscella xx

  4. Fabulous post, Meag! Have a great time and I want to see pics when you get back =)


  5. I love this MIUMIU sandals...
    Cool post, that's a nice way to do an editorial.. :)

  6. this is great! i love your art. have fun in egypt~ i look forward to reading about it.

  7. Oh how i love your drawing style, the colors are amazing. Have an amazing trip!

  8. it is cool!you're going to have plenty of duration of your LIFE!!

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  9. your colorful sketches!!

    enjoy egypt...happy travels!!

  10. i. love. this! mostly because planning a trip to egypt seems like so much fun ! i have to pack for coachella soon, but i still feel i can steal some of your packing tips for that.

    ps, !


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