Where Have All The Boys Gone?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Every fashion illustration I see these days happens to be all about the girls. It begs the question, what about the boys? Where have all the boys gone? I've just finished looking through 70's fashion reference books for our next project, and I couldn't believe the number of male fashion illustrations I found. Why illustrate them then and not now?

I happen to love drawing the few male models we have at our school. I think in part it's because I can be more aggressive with the drawings. Their features are more definite, no need for delicacy. That said, today's post is dedicated to the boys. Above are my class drawings from first and second semester. I think they need a little time to shine. Enjoy!!


  1. ohhh the BOYS! :)
    Beautiful colors!



  2. Thanks M!! I want to draw more boys, boys, boys xx

  3. Wonderful post. I do wonder the same thing, although i do only female form as well.
    Very well written!


  4. Thanks so much Maya. Its true, in my own personal work I love drawing women. But in class its a nice change :)

  5. How long does it take you to sketch one of these Meag

  6. Great question love, it really depends!! The first few with single figures take up to 15 minutes. The sketches with three figures can take anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes. The teachers stress being very quick and selective when it comes to our line choices. Its very immediate and instinctual.

  7. Looks awesome! I especially love the 4th one down, with the red outlines. I can picture this published (anywhere!) sooo easily!


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