60's Society Girl

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November 1st already which means I'm probably boarding on passe with this post, but I'm just dying to share photos of my costume from Saturday night with you all. As always, I left my costume preparation to the very last minute. In my defense, I had decided weeks ago to dress as a Maharaja, but could not find the right hat to finish the outfit.

Rather than being defeated by an epic fail, I decided to dress as Rosamund Pike from the movie 'An Education'. I met her once during my brief stint as a television extra and she was very sweet to me. Moreover, I was obsessed with her clothes in this movie. I had more people asking if I was January Jones from Mad Men, or a girl from Moscow, than Rosamund Pike. Regardless I loved every minute of this outfit. Enjoy!!

'An Education' photo still courtesy of http://nostalgicwardrobe.wordpress.com


  1. love the outfit. upper LH picture is my favourite! :)

  2. We should have gone as society girls together ;) My number one Toronto doll xx

  3. LOVE THE HAT!!! Chic girl :P



  4. Aw thanks lady, can't wait to wear it again xx


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