Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays Lovelies,

I'm so beyond thrilled to share my last project of the semester!! This week has been absolutely crazy. It felt like I accomplished everything and nothing all at the same time. Not exactly sure how that is even possible. Oh wait, I am. Painkillers for my leg and working like a machine make for a warped, alternate universe. The good news is my leg has finally healed in time for the Christmas festivities. I won't have to miss out on any dancing with family and friends. I feel like I've been away from my (blog) life for so long, even though it has only been a few days.

Anyways, here are my movie poster designs for the film Chocolat. It felt like the perfect choice of film to work on during the winter season. I loved the idea of designing a typeface out of a fluid like hot chocolate. Something about the natural swirls, created through the movement of liquid, lent itself beautifully to the movie title. I also fell madly in love with Juliette Binoche's face while painting her portrait. Her features are so unbelievably stunning, a painter's dream. Now I can finally begin to celebrate Christmas' imminent arrival. Can't wait to fly home to the snowy countryside. Happy almost weekend everyone and enjoy!!


  1. Goodness me, you never fail to impress, I'm utterly astounded by all of your work. These look so realisitic, I just love the expression, the shape of the eyes and nose are spot on, actually, it's all spot on, this is just perfect in every way! I simply adore it!

  2. M, poster looks great. Very modern and old school. The drawing is great, the feel of it, the red for passion... Everything! Well done!!!


    + + + + + + + + + +

  3. I can taste and smell this! perfect for these cold days! :)


  4. I just found your blog through Ania's and OMG...Amazing!! I cant stop reading LOL! This rendition of chocolat is really making me crave a hot drink - such fantastic paintings!

    Do you sell any of these?


  5. And I am so beyond thrilled to see it! :) You can definitely tell that you loved drawing her face, it is so beautifully painted!
    Really like the layout, the colours and the idea of the hot chocolate being the title... lovely :)
    Would love to interview you about your college for my blog, since it's one of my new topic posts! :) let me know by twitter or email!
    Much Love

  6. Thank-you everyone so much!! It's so rewarding to get your feedback.

    Death By Shoe, I'm so touched you like my blog and found it through Ania's!! I happen to love her blog too. I have sold some pieces in the past but I'm hoping to set up an Etsy shop at the end of Spring so that I can reach a broader audience. Also, I want to work at doing more series. Please stay tuned.

    Meag xx

  7. That would be awesome - I love your work! I'll be sure to follow ;)

  8. I love that movie!! I have it on VHS haha..i have to upgrade to the movie posters...makes me want hot chocolate NOW! :)
    Glad your leg has healed!!


  9. Oh man I didn't even know they still had VHS when this movie came out lol.

  10. Sweet! This caught my eye straight away. Now I'm craving a hot chocolate with a side of Johnny Depp. Hope you got a good mark!

  11. Been going through your works and I absolutely love it! You're a great illustrator and your portraitures are absolutely divine!


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