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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Season's Greetings From Daria
Happy Holidays From Kate

Merry Christmas Lovelies,

I suppose I'm a day late on the delivery but better late than never. I hope you're all lazing about in your pajamas recovering from a turkey induced coma. I was pretty well dragging my feet to the computer today. Sometimes you just need a break to be with your family, mostly to be with yourself. I decided to share my very green conscious gift wrapping idea that I delivered yesterday to my loved ones.

I stumbled across some paper bags in my Mum's kitchen and loved the idea of painting some beautiful high fashion images on them. Searching through my old British Vogues I found some gorgeous references of Daria Werbowy and Kate Moss to adorn the bags. Turns out these might be one set of paper bags that don't get tossed in the garbage.

Also, just wanted to thank-you for your emails regarding the 'Illustrators Drawing Illustrators' project posted below. Your feedback has been SO positive and has gotten me really excited for this. For those of you who have not emailed me yet to confirm, please do by Dec 28th!!

Ciao for now,
Meag xx

P.S. Check out the AMAZING illustration Veronika did of my friend Jimmy and I here on Notes To Self. This has got me so pumped for the 'Illustrators Drawing Illustrators' project. Thanks again so much Veronika I absolutely love it!!


  1. I'll follow you of course(new follower via google)!!the first one is fabulous!!thanks for your sweet comment!!xx

  2. This is greeeat! I love idea of using different materials to draw on as am a bit hyper sensitive about the amount of paper I use. I try to use every paper on both sides! :-)


  3. If I had received a Christmas present in one of these bags I think the present would probably get ignored, I would be too busy admiring the bag, what a brilliant idea Meag!

  4. Thanks for your comment : ) Love, love, love the red hair pieces!!

    Following your blog, hope you would like to follow mine too...


  5. amazing!!!
    hope your holidays were FAB! thank you for your sweet comment! you can reach me also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :)so cu soon!

    xoxo from rome

  6. wow these are great :)

  7. Absolutely love the Kate Moss one! Would make such a cute holiday card!!
    You should do some for next year! ;)
    Such a great idea to decorate paper bags for them, very inspiring! And much like my 'make do and mend' christmas!
    So glad that lots of bloggers are in on the project!! yay!
    & Thank you for your lovely comment!!

  8. amazing idea! :) Love both paintings! Look really great.

  9. Oh what a wonderful idea! Well I'm all for recycling, and it's even better when art is involved! Plus you saved a fair amount of money by not having to purchase a bag from a shop too and it makes it seem so much more personal this way :) These are some beautiful illustrations!

  10. beautiful!! hope you had a wonderful christmas:)

  11. Wow, gorgeous pictures! Hope you had a great Christmas^^

  12. Ah Meagan your loved ones are very lucky to get such thoughtful and beautiful works of art. I'm so excited for the Illustrators Drawing Illustrators! Thanks for letting me participate and for your very sweet comment at my blog =) I'm studying Interactive Media at NTU in Singapore. Still have 1.5 more years to go! You'll be graduating in May? That's coming up in no time!!! It seems like you took a leap from Commerce into the Arts field? I was previously from a different field too - took a Marketing Diploma before this. Catch up with you again Meagan!

  13. Meagan, as usual these are stunning! What a beautiful gift idea for the Holidays! I'm sure the recipients of such lovely wrapping must have felt honored. To answer your question, no I have not been to London, or to the East, lol, or any time in the near future. I am just a dreamer. Looking forward to the Illustrators Drawing Illustrators!

  14. Aw thanks so much everyone!! They were definitely very touched and pleased. I can't wait to pull the names for IDI and see who draws who!!

  15. Wow, cool illustrations! Very creative and refreshing also.....

    Check out my shoe designing blogspot also? All my designs are hand-drawn too! Take care and keep up the great work x

  16. @Prad thank-you so very much!! I've definitely visited your blog before it's awesome xx

  17. I just wanted to say your artwork is amazing! It really touches me. love it! <3 Anika

  18. @Anika thank-you so much, that warms my heart truly :)


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