My Illustrations at W Hotel New York - Times Square

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Model Muse and Artist at W Hotel

Setting up for Karen's interview

Beautiful Alex and I standing in front of my work

Kayla, Jimmy, Michelle, and Elvis sitting under my work

Pretty Ladies in Blue

The New York Times photographing Dayna and my illustration

Drawing the models

Kayla in front of her work

Cristel in front of her work

Jimmy and I in front of his work

Illustrating Dayna sitting below Dayna illustrated

My Shauna Trio

The brilliant Mara Louise Cespon and I

My illustrations from the reception

Hello My Loves,

Alas I can finally reveal my very exciting news to you all!! Thank-you ever so much for your incredible patience. Trust me, it wasn't easy keeping this to myself for so long, but I just felt I had to see it before I disclosed it. On March 23rd I was informed that two of my illustrations were chosen to be exhibited in W Hotel's 'Drawing Inspiration: Ladies of the Night' fashion illustration show. Seven works were picked in total including a piece by the brilliant Steven Stipelman and four of my classmates James Skarbek, Kayla Burdon, Mara Louise Cespon, and Crystal Schoen. Better yet our originals were blown up to enormous proportions in order to be hung throughout W Hotel's Times Square living room lounge.

I can't describe just how incredibly honored I feel to have been chosen by W Hotel to be apart of this show. Moreover, there are no words to express how deeply grateful I am to my professor Karen Santry for having provided us with this opportunity. Karen not only leveraged her outstanding reputation to bring my class along to the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011 fashion show this year, but also now this exhibition with W Hotel. For those of you who live in New York or will be visiting, the show is open to the public from now until May 3rd. Simply enter the lobby at 48th and Broadway and take the elevator up to the seventh floor. The works are extraordinary and I'm so proud to hang amongst such incredible talent.

Hope the wait was worth it. Enjoy the photos, or better yet, the actual show :)

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. Wow, amazing! Congratulations Meagan :)
    I'm moving to NYC on April the 27th and will definitely stop by to check out your excited!!

    Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

  2. OMG!! YES!!! that is AMAZING! Congratulations. wooooooo!

    This is so amazing!!

    Glad you finally shared this us!

  4. Oh, Meagan! Your work is amazing, and so are the others! How great it is to be included in this wonderful project!

    When can we check out the NY Times article? :D

  5. so proud of you! your art fits perfectly into the space and looks totally beautiful. the bartenders love it! xoxo

  6. Everything looks great! Congrats!! Love the drawings you did at the reception :)

  7. Amazing, this news was definitely worth waiting for, well done Meagan, you must be so happy and proud and deservedly so :)

  8. congratulations! these are fabulous. I am so proud and happy for you!!!!


  9. Damn! These works look amazing on the walls! I also think that Maria Louise Cespon is brilliant, I follow her blog and her works are incredibly magnificent :) My favourite of your works is especially Shauna Trio, I would like to have the same on the wall in my room :)
    Hugs Agnes xx

  10. Congrats Meagan, what an honour! Well deserved! The illustrations look fabulous in that huge size. I love your Shauna Trio! What a fantastic year for you so far, can it get any better? xoxoxo

  11. Congrats Honey!!!
    This pic with Jimmy looks so cool :)

  12. These look amazing what a great exhibition! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :)

  13. That looks amazing! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Hopefully there is much more like this to come for you! x

  14. This is so amazing!!! I'm so excited for you Meag you so deserve it!! It must be an awsome thing to live, how do you feel?? Oh my how I wish I was in NY to be able to see this gorgeous exposition live... :-(
    And you look wonderful as always!

    a big kiss


    PS: so sorry that I didn't visit your blog more often lately but I'm buried under tons of work :-( I missed you!!

  15. This is such exciting news! Wow Meagan, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! Your art so deserves to be there, you never fail to impress me with your elegant and graceful drawings! And these look so amazing on such a large scale, I only wish I was in New York to be able to see them!

  16. The paintings looks amazing Meagan! I'm very happy for you! Just Love It!!!

    have a wonderful day!
    much Love

  17. Waouh! Congratulations Meg! :D

  18. YAYYY!!!!! That was such a fun day.

  19. This is wonderful beyond words! I love your work and I just know it looks GREAT on the wall. So happy for you girl and fingers crossed this opens even more great opportunities for you!:-)


  20. So exciting and well-deserved! Congrats!

  21. Congratulations! pretty awesome can't wait to check it out!

  22. That is absolutely AMAZING Meag! I am so so pleased for you!!! Your work looks so beautiful, I can't choose between them because they are both SO good!
    Much Love

  23. What WONDERFUL news! A beautiful setting for your exquisite illustrations! They look phenomenal. Congratulations!!!

  24. all so amazing
    congrats :)

  25. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats :)



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