Meagan's Guide to West Village NYC

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best Coffee at Jack's (138 W 10th St)
Favorite Street Corner Art (7th and Greenwich Ave)
West Village Florist (7th and Greenwich Ave)
Beautiful Brownstones
Day School Sign
Top 3 Brunch Spots: Cafe Cluny (284 W 12th St)
Myself, Kelly, and Jill at Cafe Cluny
Extra Virgin (259 W 4th St)
Morandi (211 Waverly Place)
Amazing View of Hudson River
The Magnolia Bakery (401 Bleecker St)
Mulberry (387 Bleecker St)
Ano 1868 Door
Ralph Lauren Children's Store (380 Bleecker St)
Rebel Rebel Records (319 Bleecker St)
Le Petit Puppy (18 Christopher St)
Cutest Little Puppies
Puppy in Storefront
Favorite Corner View (Gay and Christopher St)
Best Boutiques: Project 159 (159 7th Ave)
Zachary's Smile (9 Greenwich Ave)
Village Bazaar (351 6th Ave)
Village Bazaar Tattoo Artist Casey Hahn and I
Farmer's Vegetable Stand
Highlands Bar (150 W 10th St)

On August 2, 2010 I had the great pleasure of calling the West Village my new home. After spending a year living on the cusp of the Upper Eastside/Spanish Harlem, moving downtown came as a great relief. To outsiders the neighborhood is better known for the celebrities it houses, but any true local will boast of its vibrancy. The energy and quaintness of this place is worth savoring for a lifetime. I was tempted to title this post "A Love Letter to the West Village." Having lived here for three months, I've compiled photos of my most favorite village treasures that I would like to share with you. I know there is probably so much more I have yet to discover, but for now this will do. Happy Halloween everyone and enjoy!!


  1. this is such a good tour of your neighbourhood!

    love this post...not just because there is a little shout out to Kelly and I!! :)

    xx :) keep up the good posting Meags!

  2. Thanks Jilly!! I just had to include that pic of us, too cute xx

  3. The words "Town Spirit" popped into my mind as I was browsing your pictures. Glad you're enjoying the neighborhood! How different do you feel now than 1 year ago, when you first moved to NYC :-)

  4. My life from last year to now is like night and day. I finally feel like I belong here. Couldn't be happier in my new neighborhood. To me its home xx

  5. i love magnolia bakery!! lol and that corner street on gay st and christopher street..great..i took a photo of that street further up for my photography class! :)

    I gotta try those brunch spots! :)


  6. Yes definitely...Extra Virgin is my favorite by far!!

  7. Hey Meagan!

    Thanks for commenting on my artwork. Glad you like it! I absolutly love your artwork and blog as well, and stumbled upon it a few weeks ago actually. How do you like school in New York and the "art world" there? hehe

    Hope to hear from you soon! You can e-mail me?


  8. Heather!! Thank-you so much for visiting. I'm so happy to hear you like my art and blog. I really love my program here. It's so perfectly suited to my interests of fashion and art. I will email you very soon. Take care, Meag xx

  9. you're right, the Marc Jacobs pic is pretty cool!!!

    ahhh, I miss NY!

  10. It's such an awesome corner. All the tiles for America are there :)

  11. Hey I'm a new follower, this is really great. Just read the interview on "The Jersey Gem" and had to see the pictures.
    I'm moving to New York this April, and this will be very helpful...I have never been there (besides the airport, which does not count).

    You are so talented! Good luck with your AAS program.



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