The Dripping Dress

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Evening Loves,

How has your week been? For those of you who follow me on twitter you may recognize this first illustration as one I shared with you during my Wednesday morning class. We were drawing from JC the model and I was so utterly inspired. She was wearing this incredible blonde bob wig and 50's style off-the-shoulder dress that was to die for. I took the opportunity to release a lot of emotions and just let the ink drip where it wanted to. It reminded me so much of my fine art years back in high school where I would literally throw the paint on the canvas. Sometimes I feel like my art strongly borders on the line of fine art and illustration because I don't feel satisfied unless I've worked a sufficient number of hours on a drawing.

I can't thank-you enough for your input on my Magnolia Bakery bag. Although I wasn't able to change too many things as per the request of my professor, I did take a lot of what you said into consideration. The truth is, every artist needs a fresh eye, clean perspective, otherwise you stop seeing what it is you're producing. It's hard to step back and be your own critic. Sometimes it's hard to be anything but your own critic but that's a whole other topic lol. Have a great Friday everyone and enjoy!!

Lots of love,
Meag xx


  1. These are so gorgeously inspired! My personal favorite of yours Meagan :)

    I understand about logging in the time, it shows!

  2. Oh that dress is just beautiful!

    And you really have to stop keeping us on our toes with your updates! I really want to see what you've done with your Magnolia Bakery bag :D

  3. Totally love these!
    It makes me wish I had one of those dresses. Also, which did I just find out you have a twitter.... epic fail on my part!

  4. love your drippin dresses! what an inspiration (if i could only sew or knit).

    know exactly what you mean - it's hard to be your own critic. same here when i write advertisements: you have the client's brief, you have your own ideas and in the end you forget that there's a consumer who has to understand (at least) what the whole thing is all about :)

    have a super weekend! mine has just started, yes!

  5. Love them, first one being my absolute favourite, just love that pose :)

  6. These are so great! I like the colours.

  7. I love the first two photos! This dress is amazing done! On the second pic I see a strong charakter and it's great :)
    Have a nice weekend too xx

  8. You are one talented artist....

    Have a great day:)

  9. perfect perfect perfect. Honestly. I am usually a big fan of action painting and expressionism and this has the elements of both (in a way it lets the paint do it's own thing). :-)


  10. I love all of these, but I think my favourite is the second one, I adore that pose, so full of confidence and attitude!
    I know that feeling, where you just don't feel satisfied until you've spent a great deal of time on a piece haha. This is often the case when I draw.

  11. Oooh Great Illustrations! especially the second one! :)

  12. Loove the colors, and LOOVE THE IDEA OF DRIPPINGNESS!
    I have always been a fan of dripping in art works <333

  13. I agree about stepping back with the shopping bag project or you cant see waht youre producing. LOL i wrote something very similar on my own shopping bag post! i loved this model though. She's aways very good. Awesome clothes, awesome poses.

  14. Absolutely fantastic,
    love the drippings

    xx Marina

  15. Simply amazing ;D

  16. I totally know what you mean about needing a fresh pair of eyes sometimes and being your hardest critic! When I'm SO into a drawing I always need to put it down for a day or two until it looks different (if that makes sense!!) I think its good to criticise your own work and see where the flaws are, but to a certain degree of course! :)
    I think you're showing a real flair for these ink drawings! I really love the top one, did you work into it with other materials too? looks like crayons! :o)
    hope you had a great weekend hun!

  17. OMG!! Meag I was sure I told you how much I loved this drawing already but then I didn't read my comment between all the others... Oh my God, my brain is frying I think... I am so busy now (but it's also a good sign, it means my experiments are finally taking the path they should :p)

    I really really love this fast and spontaneous technique, of course I also like your more accurate and detailed drawings but this is really full of energy, with these bright colors dripping... it's so cool!!

    How are you my dear, still busy? How was the exposition on Friday?
    I hope you have a very very good week

    many kisses


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  19. Meag, I think this style works well for you and vice versa. A fashion illustration but also an abstract piece of art :) Love it!


  20. You are all so kind, thank-you so much!! I'm starting to really love working in this method as well. I think despite it only taking me 10-20 mins to complete each piece, I feel a real satisfaction in capturing the essence from life. Your feedback is amazing as always xoxo

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