Sweet Tooth Part II

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Final Design: Magnolia Bakery Shopping Bag Front

Photos from the West Village Shop

Okay my loves, I finally think I'm narrowing in on exactly what I wanted to convey with this bag. I haven't been totally happy with the design since the beginning and couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Finally after some very poignant criticism I realized that my bag was missing the point...bakery!! I had no baked goodies in my baked goodies bag. Talk about dilemma, and such an obvious one at that. Anyways, on my walk home from school today I headed straight to the source for some finishing touches inspiration and reference. I think I'm closer than I've been for the past five weeks that I've been working on this. I would love to hear your feedback, good or bad, because it makes my work stronger. What do you guys think?


  1. Yes! Everything looks fantastic. You pulled it off perfectly! :) Those cupcakes look too good.

  2. Yummy! i miss New york and its cupcakes! ;)

    The first version was good but it's truly better now because "the message" of your design is more explicit.

    Good job:)

  3. Much better, Meag, with the addition of the cupcakes. Try making the flowers look more like icing. Just a thought :)
    Love the photos! Been to the bakery once and it was delish!!


  4. What a pretty bakery! :O

    Lol just realized that the first bag was missing baked goods. Hmm maybe have the girls hold the cupcakes in their hands or something? Just a thought. I'm no artist lol.

  5. lovely! but as for the purpose of the bag - wouldn't it be good to have even more bakery related items on in (maybe instead of one of the faces?)? just a thought :)

  6. This is very nice!! I like it more than the other one... Well actually I liked the other one very much too but it's true that it's better to add bakery stuff on it...

    One thing I would do if I were you is also to make the colors a little bit more "pastel": the style of the shop is really cute and girly (like almost all the beautiful cupcake shops I've seen) and everything is in white and delicate colors, maybe you should represent it more on the bag? Like a lighter green in the background and less red? It's just an idea to pair it more with the style of the shop, if it's for the pure aesthetics of the bag I love it a lot as it is now!!

    big kiss (I missed you! I'm back! :D)


  7. I think this bag is too modern. I also agree with the ideas of more goodies and pastel colour background. I would like to see more delicious and sweet cookies,cakes, etc. which would encouraged me to buy some :) Your idea with flowers associated with the name is really great and I like these 2 cupcakes as well;) I would resign from one face and make the other one more subtle. I hope these suggestions will help you although I'm not a professional like you:)

  8. Thank-you all so so much for your incredible feedback. I genuinely wish I had posted this sooner so that I could make all the changes suggested and make this bag the best it can be. The project was to do a fashion chain and I'm doing a bakery. I'm doing my best to include all those vital elements in there. It's going to print this Friday so the pressure is on!!

  9. OH! wonderful post!!! So much sweets!

    Lovley design Meagan! Great colours, and the motive is beautiful!!!


    johanna, sweden

  10. It looks even more beautiful than ever now! The colours of the bag really reflect what you would expect to find in store. I just love those swirly cup cakes you added to it, they look just like the ones in store! And those little sprinkles add that extra little bit of colour and detail

  11. @Vanilla you're so sweet, just like those cupcakes. I have to share that for further research I bought a chocolate one and ate it in two seconds haha. After which I felt I had enough inspiration to go on and fix the bag lol xx

  12. Don't worry, you have time before Friday and it will be fine!! Then let us know when it's ready, we want to see a pic of the "real thing" :D

  13. @Al hopefully it will be hung in the show and I will take pictures of my classmates work all together. It's going to look so great, all these shopping bags hanging in the museum.

  14. beautiful work as always sweetie!! love the concept and how the cupcake icing swirls round the writing with the sprinkles dotted around! :o)
    the cupcakes look sooo yummy, would love to go there someday!

  15. @thejerseygem.com Thanks so much for visiting Meg!! I'm sure you can appreciate this especially as a baker :) I would love to see you draw your own goodies xx


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