Looking Up

Friday, March 25, 2011

Postcard Front (above) and Back (below)

Hello Darlings,

I hope you had a fabulous week. I started creating this post on Monday while sitting at the airport waiting for my delayed flight. It has taken me this long to complete what I started lol. 'Looking Up' is not only a literal description of the image I'm sharing with you but also totally reflective of my current mood. After last week's major disappointment I'm so happy to reveal that there will be a big turn of events. Although I want to wait to share the details with you after it occurs I will say that I'm absolutely elated and forever grateful to be included in a very special occasion. My life as of late has just been flooded with so many twists and turns, unpredictable events, major highs and lows, that I'm forced to just flow with it.

Speaking of highs and lows, this particular work of art was produced for my business postcard assignment in Joe Denaro's class. It was almost my demise because there were so many little elements that needed to be tweaked and perfected. I'm not sure that even now it is exactly finished. I definitely felt the pressure of producing for an art director on this piece. In the end I'm so grateful for all the criticism because it opened my eyes that much more to elements of composition, shapes, and color palettes. I realize that I never do stop learning and that my best will get better the more I'm pushed, the more I push myself. The sky really is the limit. Isn't that quite fitting for this postcard as the girl turns her head up to the clear blue sky?

I wish you well and miss you all!! I really can't wait to share the exciting news with you.

Much love,
Meag xx


  1. Everything about this postcard piece looks great! All the bright colors truly allow your talent to shine. Just lovely Meagan, looking forward to your exciting news =)

  2. I love this illustration both for how beautiful it is and the symbolism it displays!
    I am glad that despite having a disappointment you are not staring at it, but rather focusing on my opportunities. World beware!
    LA countdown?

  3. now I am really curious :) good luck with whatever it is you are working on!!!

  4. Meagan, я искренне тебе желаю удачи, творческого вдохновения, новых красивых впечатлений, эмоций от встреч с новыми лицами и людьми! Пусть наступившая Весна подарит тебе нечто необыкновенное и волшебное =)

    Открытки замечательные: яркие и сочные, дерзкие и полные чувств)

    С наилучшими пожеланиями из России Lana =)

  5. Sheer perfection! The girl, the styling, the macarons!

    And you and your cliffhangers! Looking forward to your next post ;)

  6. LOVE THIS! omg i want a copy

  7. your postcard looks so delish! :) but how can you leave us hanging here? now i really wanna know what this exciting news is all about! glad you're doing fine. btw: we had a major sandstorm in dubai today. not very pleasant - couldn't even see the neighbours' house. the air was full of sand :/

  8. Love the card, so much vibrancy and colour and life in it, if I was given this card it would immediately capture my attention.
    So good to hear that exciting things are happening, looking forward to hearing more :)

  9. I love the postcards!!! Especially the second one. Makes me hungry. :)

  10. meags ur the best! a rising star!!

  11. I love the macaroons on the back of the postcard! One of my guilty pleasures.


  12. wow i love the colors <3


  13. This illustration smells good sunny days :)

  14. THose postcards are so fantastic ;) i want one of them ;)

  15. Gorgeous illustrations, what a cool postcard.

  16. You sound so happy Meag, I'm glad for you!! How were your days at home in Canada? Great I bet!

    I'm so happy to finally find some time to read and comment on your blog, work is killing me lately :-( I miss you!!!!

    I really really love the girl in the cover of the card, especially the fact that she's looking the sky. It's a sexy but elegant image and smells like summer, light and beauty.

    Oh and I so love the idea of the macarons in the back of the card!! It's so "you"!! You love sweets and food and you're so good in drawing them (those macarons look devilish good and inviting... Sigh...)so it was a great idea to include them!

    a big kiss


  17. This is so fresh and inspiring, your realism skills are astonishing, and I definitely get that 'looking up' feeling from this beautiful lady. So glad that things are looking up for you too! I look forward to hearing this exciting news of yours :)


  19. love this drawing.
    the colors are vivid and amazing!!!

    xx Marina


  20. I love your colourful illustrations, they always make me smile! The face is stunnnning!
    My life sounds a lot like yours right now, lots of highs and lows. I feel like I can't plan anything properly right now because my thoughts change every day so i'm riding the wave of life too! haha
    Hope you're doing okay! You must be so busy close to graduation now eh!

  21. What can I say? I love this post. Just love it.
    "Criticisms" push us to do better, to aim higher and go further. It really does push us. Ask me. There's not one day that goes by while I'm teaching, that I feel I can do better...that I have lots left to learn and that I know I could do a better job than I am. It takes a while to accept these things. When I first began, I had difficulty with this and took it to heart, especially when you compare yourself to others. I've become to numb to it now that I just laugh at myself and say, "I'll change it up for next time."

    Truth is, we will never stop needing to learn or know more. It's a good thing. You're doing great Meag, can't wait to hear your good news!

  22. P.S. I wish I knew more about Art! You got talent

  23. I love this postcard, especially the front! It has that wow factor so much artwork lacks these days!! x


  24. Awesome, awesome, awesome, so glad you guys like the postcard. Makes me feel a lot more confident xoxo


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