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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally back to my blog, my source of inspiration, and all things positive. Right now I can smell Spring freshness pouring in through my window and it makes me so happy. This week was an especially rough one, not just for myself but for my fellow classmates as well. While I can't get into the specifics, I will say that we jointly experienced a major disappointment. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your peers, your little family, having to go through a letdown. But it reminds me that I'm apart of something, something very special, and that in itself makes me feel so lucky. I've had three 12 hour days back to back, meanwhile my sketches from school are pilling up so high, screaming to be featured here on Travel Write Draw.

So I've made this post an extra supersize celebration of beautiful girls, looking so elegant, and exuding all the sentiments this warm weather brings. I drew from Dayna, Shauna, and Tomo over the last few weeks and somehow the illustrations I did of them turned out to be so soft and refined. I have less than one month to go before I will be vacationing in Los Angeles. That also means I have less than one month to complete all my work for the upcoming Fashion Illustration AAS show. Strangely I feel really at peace with everything. I'm more settled in New York than I've possibly ever been and have applied to stay for a least another year and six months. I also know that no matter where I go, I still have all of you. Enjoy lovely readers.

Lots of love,
Meag xx


  1. All Beautiful, as always! I LOVE how the pink background looks with the first one :)

  2. Love YOU Jimmy, thanks for the sweet compliment darling!! See you in class tomorrow xoxo

  3. Glad you found some time to post some of your latest illustrations! Beautiful as per usual!

  4. Lovely. :)

  5. They are so special because are simple but very very expressive! ;)

  6. I have no idea how you produce so much work of such high quality, you are amazing. I'm so sorry to hear about the disappointment, but I sincerely hope things will be looking up in the near future for you and your classmates :)

  7. I hope you have a great weekend to make up for the disappointed! The illustrations you just posted as beautiful!

  8. It's so good to feel all the positivity in your words, no matter the bad things that can happen... I bet it's the power of spring (here we have the first partially sunny days but it's still cold... I can't stand it anymore!!) and the trust in your work and your talent: we can all feel your abilities growing day by day (these amazing drawings are the proof) and I bet you can sense it too.

    It's good that you're staying in NY some more for sure: I want to visit the city soon, so you better stay there, because I want to meet you!! :D



  9. the girls are so so lovely. They are Spring! :-) Am looking forward to it I have to tell you.
    Also despite hard work, you seem to be in a very nice mood which is very very cool.
    lots and lots of kisses


  10. they are beautiful. thanks for sharing. I hope things will look up again soon!


  11. I love the 5th look - would totally wear it. You make everything even more pretty!

  12. Bloody beautiful. Sorry, but sometimes I have to swear even in writing, I am British after all lol. I love your art, and am soaking it all up. Also, thank you so much for your lovely comment, I have had some bloggerdoubts lately, so your feedback means so much. Big kisses all the way from Oslo! Transcontinental kisses no less! :) xx

  13. Lovely work Meagan. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that whatever disappointment you've had to go through will turn into something good in the end :)

  14. You are so talented. I am in love with each of these! My favorites are the last two. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  15. These are wonderful Meagan! I especially like the first one, and the 8th from the top. You are really talented when it comes to showing where the light hits the figure.
    Keep up the great work and hang in there, wish you all the luck for the Fashion Illustration AAS show.

    PS: I read your comment, and want to thank you. You don't have to hurry about the e-mail and the request...when things settle down some just let me know if it's something that would interest you. I immediately thought of you, because your illustration style is so unique!

    Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

  16. wow, no words for these pics!!
    I follow from Spain :-)


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