Cherry Blossoms

Friday, October 22, 2010

YAY it's finally here!! I promised the completed poster design for Joe Denaro's class in the Harajuku Girl post et voila!! We just submitted them this morning and our classroom is exploding with Tokyo fashion, print, and color. The final is 18 x 24 in gouache and colored pencil. I must mention that many of my references were found on which turned out to be an amazing resource. I'm such a lover of street style fashion forecasting.

I thought it would be fun to include images of a time when I was photographed. It was for Insert Magazine, a "Toronto Chinese urban lifestyle magazine" and I just so happened to be stopped on my walk home from work at Lida Baday. I'm forever flattered and love that there is such an appreciation of different styles from all over the world. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy!!


  1. I visited the Museum of modern art in Istanbul. There's a manga-exhibition at the moment! When I saw your picture, I remembered the fantastic time there! Great!

  2. Aw thanks girls!! Dionysha, you're so lucky you got to go to the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul. I never had enough time when I was there but am dying to return.

  3. ok..this is my fave post by far!! i love everything graphic design lol i know im being bias cuz i am a graphic designer but who cares...poster design is fun! i did that in school as well..lately i've thinking of going back to take some non credited refresher course at FIT! ...maybe next yr lol


  4. You should definitely check out FIT!! I know I'm biased too lol, but the school is amazing and the professors are incredible. I have to take graphic design classes for typesetting and design. You get so much experience and exposure. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)


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