Jagged Little Pill

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our latest assignment for Bil Donovan required us to conceptualize an illustration for an article titled Mood-Altering Scarves. The text was pulled from New York Times Fashion Magazine. Julien David, a designer who apprenticed with the likes of Narciso Rodriguez, was about to debut his scarf collection for fall. The theme this season was artificial growth and all about gigantism. We had to showcase his pill scarf in an 'au courant' sort of way while managing to grab the viewers attention. Furthermore, we were limited to a monochromatic color scheme reflecting the fall season.

I've included in this post the final illustration painted in gouache, the rough rendered in colored pencil, and an image of my workspace during the creation of this project. Thought my readers might be interested to see where the creative process takes place. Never imagined I could get so much work done in such a small space :) I just submitted the project this morning and was absolutely blown away by my classmates work. I go to school with some of the most talented young illustrators around!! Too bad the scarf pills are fake, I could use a cold remedy. Hope you're all well and enjoy!!

Here is the link to the actual article from this summer:


  1. Hello There Meagan.

    Thanks so much for visiting my BlogSpot and sharing your story with me! Wow, we are so alike in terms of career! Your work is very good from what I have seen so far! If you have any tips or advice for me to progress my career further, do please let me know! I hope to visit New York one day in the hope that I too am spotted one day! Take care and keep up the good work! Thanks again X


  2. Amazing blog!!

    johanna, sweden

  3. Thank-you both so much for stopping by and for the lovely words!! xx

  4. I read about those scarves! So cool! Your design is amazing! Plus, reminds me of Alanis Morrsette's "jagged little pill" song! :) love it!!!



  5. Lol M, that's exactly where I got the name from!! Have to support my fellow Canadians. Heart you xx

  6. Thanks Meagan! You are so encouraging! x


  7. Thank you Meagan!!!

    I will follow you :)
    Much Love

    Johanna, Sweden


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