A Day with Me at FIT

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Morning Starbucks
Fashion Illustration Family
7 Minute Warm-Ups
Hugs from Jimmy
10 Minute Compositions
Joe Denaro Demo
Final Drawings of the Day
David Downton Presentation

Hello Friends,

Since I've only just begun Travel Write Draw a little over a month ago, I thought it would be fun to allow you to get to know me better. What greater way than to bring my readers along with me for a day at FIT. The following photos are from October 15th, 2010. It happened to be a special day because we had fashion illustration royalty speaking at our school, Mr. David Downton. For those of you who are not familiar with his work, perhaps you will recognize his cover illustration of Cate Blanchett for Vogue Australia's 50th Anniversary Issue. Otherwise, the rest of the photos are pretty indicative of a typical day in the fashion illustration block at FIT. Laughter, creativity, friends, and fun, what more could a girl ask for?! Enjoy!!


  1. Fridays with Joe! haha great post, we are too cute :) Fab drawings too! I didn't get a good look at them in class that day.

  2. Aw thanks Jimmy!! I guess we were too busy getting excited and taking pictures to pay attention to our art haha xx

  3. i'm obsessed with the 7 and 10 minute drawings and outfits!!

  4. I know Ems, definitely can't take any credit there. The model had the most incredible wardrobe that day. Vintage Pucci and unreal sky-high boots AMAZING!!

  5. this is awesome. I think taking pictures of my day at school would be MUCHHH less interesting!! :)

    love the drawings. (as usual)

  6. Aw thank-you Jilly!! Can I bring you to school for show and tell lol? Xx

  7. love this post..the 10 min compositions was my fave! :)


  8. If that's what you can do with 10 minute composition then I think you're amazing, wow!
    It must have been so exciting to see David's presentation, people like him provide constant inspiration to keep on working at this and create beautiful work ourselves.

  9. David was unbelievable really!! I basically said to him "you've already accomplished what one could only dream of accomplishing in a lifetime, what goals do you have left? Where do you go from here?" he blushed and said that "every year I start from zero, that was last month, this is now." This is after he just finished the top selling Vogue cover with Cate Blanchett. Simply, utterly, wow...

  10. this is exactly what i want to be apart of...i seen some of David Downton's work.. i didn't know that fashion illustration was so real... this post is the info i was lookin for...lol..thank you so much for introducing FIT and David.. its great...

  11. So talented. I know this would all come with practice. I'm excited to learn more.


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