Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Friday, October 29, 2010

Three Color Views in Illustrator
Greyscale in Illustrator

Especially when they don't cost a fortune ;) My latest assignment for my Computer Typesetting and Design class required us to render three views of an object in Adobe Illustrator. The more complex the better because it was intended to demonstrate our shape-making skill level. I chose to do my diamond encrusted wooden ring that I purchased from H&M many moons ago. I just loved the combination of the rustic wood combined with the hard metal. Talk about seeing double though. This project had my eyes watering for days after. I've included a picture of me wearing the real ring as well for comparison. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy!!


  1. Those little circles on the bottom right one are just so great! A perfect little touch of detail =) They all are amazing, the hard work paid off!

  2. Aw thanks so much Jimmy!! I will never forget sitting next to you in the computer lab doing this. Fashion Illustration moral support team :) In the words of James Skarbek "why don't you just fill those circles with color and call it a day?!" haha!! xx

  3. Cute photo of you Meag! Do I detect some little Halloweeny happy faces on the ring? :)

  4. What an observation lol!! Someone must definitely be in the Halloween spirit xx

  5. O.M.Geezy!!! I just found you via Instagram and I am IN LOVE with all of your work. I've always been on the creative end of the spectrum and I've been trying to narrow my focus a bit to one talent. It's not working. Maybe I'm supposed to somehow combine them. You, my friend have given me an extreme boost in morale. I'm going to up perusing your beautiful blog and learning as much as I can from it. The aroma of caffeine will be thick!!! On to it!!!
    Oh and thanks for the inspiration.


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