The Seven Year Itch

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bil Donovan, Dior Beauty's artist-in-residence and my brilliant professor at FIT, assigned us a spot illustration for an article titled All Smiles. The premise of the article was that ballet companies are suffering from an epidemic of flirtatious dancers. They simply cannot contain themselves. Our job was to render a conceptualized illustration that conveyed this message and captured the viewers attention (hence spot illustration).

When it came to referencing, I immediately began searching for images of the most iconic flirt imaginable Miss Marilyn Monroe. I wanted to integrate her now infamous skirt-blowing pose above the grate with a traditional ballet figure. The end result is what you see above. I really feel like the Marilyn reference came through. Sort of makes me want to run through the streets of New York in a white dress. Have a great day everyone!!


  1. love this illustration! you're so talented ;)

    xx ! = )


  2. Thanks girls, you're so sweet!! I'm an official follower of your blog now yay xx


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