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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Giuseppe Zanotti Design 2009

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things...

Today my incredible Mom is celebrating her birthday and since I can't be with her this post is devoted to her. An eternal Julie Andrews, my Mom is one of the most endearing, charming, gracious, and loving women alive. She is the driving force behind my family and my dearest confidant. My sister and I started a tradition when we were children of drawing the gifts we could not afford, but would like to give to our parents, for Christmas or Easter. Since I'm still a student unfortunately I've had to return to this tradition for her birthday.

I've drawn for her a 2009 Giuseppe Zanotti Design platform. My Mom has the most incredible taste in shoes. Though I know she would never wear these, 'too high' she would say, I'm certain she would appreciate it as art. For months now she's been telling me to post my illustrations of shoes that I've been doing over the past 6 or 7 years. Her birthday is the perfect opportunity to start. Mom I wish you the most wonderful birthday today and know that I'm with you always. Thank-you for being so much more than I ever could have wished for.

All my love,
Meag xx


  1. Beautiful gift and very original tradition ;) All the best for your Mom :)

  2. Love the shoes, but I have to say am not sure is that cause of the pink or what. Very often I find myself confused by this :-P


    p.s. your mum sounds reaaallly cool. :-)

  3. AWESOME work. I love it ! I wanna draw shoes too now, hehe.

  4. Happy Birthday to your mum!! :)
    This is such a wonderful tradition and great idea!
    I love this illustration and agree very much with your mum that you should post more of these! So gorgeous! Always love a green/pink colour combo :)
    The Jersey Gem

  5. Your mom sounds lovely! I have a weakness for shoes too ;)

  6. This is the sweetest thing I've seen in the last few years, really!!

    I am about to cry! ahahah sorry if I get emotional, but I live far from my beloved Mom too and this year it will be the second birthday (we used to celebrate it together, since she's born the 10th of May and I the 13th) that we'll spend apart.
    :-( I so understand your feelings...

    But I'm sure she'll be very very happy: the shoe is very beautiful and the bright colours express all the warmth you want to convey with your gift, I think :-)
    And it's the same you used to do when you were little! Oooh it's so sweet I'm about to melt! ahaha

    A big kiss (and a very happy birthday to your mom!)


  7. What a beautiful post and a lovely idea.

  8. Awww so sweet!! Beautifully done Meag, love it!

  9. Love your tradition and the illustration!!! Very sweet!

  10. happy birthday to your mum!!!!

  11. I'm sure your mum will love this present more than anything bought with money :) Happy birthday to your mum, she's one lucky mum :)

  12. ooh la la, such a wonderful shoe, artful piece and wonderful gift! I love your tradition. I wish you mother a year full of days that feel grand to her, and you.

  13. This is beautiful, the detail is incredible! The colors you chose creates a fun and glamourous feel. Love the story about your Mom, she sounds like a fantastic and dear lady. I hope she has a great birthday :)

  14. Aww, what a wonderful tradition! In my opinion it's much nicer and more personal to receive a piece of artwork as a gift :)
    This is such a glamourous shoe, I love the contrast between the luminous pink and green, it certainly catches the eye straight away!

  15. love it so much :)

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  16. Lovley!

    Oh, I want to go and buy some new shoes now ;)

    johanna, sweden

  17. Thank-you everyone so much for the sweetest comments. My Mom read them all and was deeply touched. I was sort of afraid to do this post for fear that it might come across as too personal but you made me feel really good about my sincerity so thank-you.

  18. Happy belated bday to Mama Morrison!! xoxo Also, love the shoes meags!

  19. Aw Emsies she says thank-you and hugs!!

  20. nicely done! the jems look almost real! how did you do that? which materials do you use?

    Love J

  21. Aw thank-you Jessi!! I'm not really sure how I did it to be honest lol. I guess I just layered washes to make them look translucent and added a bit of shine in photoshop :)

  22. All the best for your Mom :)

    xx Marina

  23. What would we do without them :-)
    Happy bday to your mum! Your picture was beautiful :-) It made me want those heels haha

  24. Meagan!

    You have left so many lovely messages on my blog that I wanted to leave you one for a change! I am a self-confessed shoe lover and as such absolutely love this post! You are very talented and your creativity is inspiring! I hope your Mum had a magical birthday!

    Jessica x

  25. @Marina thank-you love xx

    @Sanushka I have NO idea!! Couldn't dream of it, I'm just very blessed.

    @Jessica thank-you so much!! I believe she did especially because of this post and all the incredible comments :)


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