Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Firstly, I apologize tremendously for taking so long to prepare this post. I'm so touched that both Vanilla Jarvis and Maya Beus nominated me as the recipient of their Stylish Blogger Award. The award requires you to indicate your nominator, share seven facts about yourself, and propose an additional 15 recently discovered blogs of your choice. I decided it would be really fun to illustrate and collage images of the seven facts you don't know about me. This is also why it took so long to prepare. After all, seven facts is really just the beginning.

The List is as follows:
  • When I was 20 I studied Italian Renaissance Art History abroad in Florence, Italy. I lived with 12 females in a beautiful apartment that boasted the most incredible patio overlooking a church. I would meet for group lectures at the Uffizi or Duomo and on weekends travel to Venice, Rome, and Cinque Terre. I devoured gorgeous meals on candle lit rooftops, danced the night away at Central Park, bought out San Lorenzo market, and fell in love...with life.
  • Whenever I travel I purchase a piece of jewelry that embodies the culture, spirit, or flavor of the city. Each purchase has a story, some more incredible than the item. I like that the experience, much like the jewelry, lasts forever. Unless of course the ring is opal and it shatters in a Roman nunnery.
  • I'm desperately allergic to nuts, which means I've never actually tasted one of those charming colored macaroon treats. Every time I go to Paris, and stare at them through the Laduree glass windows, my mouth waters. Why are they so delicious looking and how have they not created a nut free version yet?
  • By far the wildest place I've ever visited was Ibiza, Spain. So wild in fact, I visited twice in the same summer. By day I ate olives and danced to house music at Sa Trinxa on Las Salinas beach. By night I was transfixed with the dry ice and gorgeous dancers at Pacha, Space, and El Divino. I guess that explains why 'It's All Gone Pete Tong' is one of my favorite movies.
  • My signature lip color is Parisian Pink by CoverGirl. They should actually make me a spokesperson for the product. I've been wearing it for nearly five years now and have turned countless women onto it.
  • My favorite thing to do in New York above all else is wander. In a city so overpopulated and cramped you would be surprised how easy it is to lose yourself. I sort of think it's imperative for my sanity that I walk aimlessly. Fortunately, there is no better city than New York to do it in.
  • Lastly, my greatest goal in life is to be the next Vera Neumann, Virginia Johnson, Leanne Shapton, or Garance Dore. All are incredibly successful female illustrators, innovative entrepreneurs, world travelers, and mini moguls. I hope to achieve even a fraction of what they have in their careers.

My Nominees

Thank-you again for the wonderful nomination. Hopefully you feel you know me just a little bit better now. I like to think that this is just the beginning. Enjoy!!


  1. great list!

    meag, if you give me a chance I can try and make you nut-free macaroons!

  2. Yes!! I will design the packaging and you can do the cooking!! Lets put our business education to good use. Love you Jillybean xx

  3. I've always wanted to visit Italy. The sights, sounds AND THE FOOD!

  4. aww thanks girl <3 and as to the last point on ur list. I know you will get exactly where you want to be! I BELIEVE!!! :D

  5. I can only imagine how amazing it must have been to spend that time in Italy, it must have been a most amazing experience.
    As for your last point I have no doubt you're going to do well, you've got what it takes :)

  6. Oh you lived in Florence!! I come from there! Now that I live in Belgium and I go there every two or three months to see my parents I realize what I liked and what I miss the most of that city: the light, the beauty everywhere and the smell (in spring is like you can smell the warmth and the new leaves... ahhh..). When I was living there I thought it was a dark and stinky city. It totally isn't and I miss that daily dose of beauty in my life.

    You definitely convinced me I have to go to NY. Alone. wandering around, stop in the shops or cafés, is what I like to do the most in the cities. I was thinking of going for a long week-end in autumn and now that I read this I totally have to!

    A kiss


    -The Red Dot-

  7. Wow, your life sounds so interesting, sounds like you get to travel a lot too! Italy sounds like one of the most amazing places anyone could ever visit, I'd love to go there myself one day.
    I visited New York a year ago and I found it's far more fun to wander about than to take a taxi! Oh the things you come across are amazing for someone who'd never been there before :)

  8. So cool. You really enjoy life, and I love that. It is becoming so rare. Italy is lovely, I plan to pop out there all the time but never seem to take the time to do it. :-)


  9. Wow!! You have been in italy ;DD I'm happy you should come and call me ;)

    So,,,great great list!!

  10. cute!
    it's so fantastic to read your comments! i'm loving it! hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!!

    xoxo from rome

  11. just read your comment:)
    it`s ok:) i don`t mind ^^
    thank u <3

  12. Thanks for nominating me, I will have to make a post and keep this going!!!

  13. This is really awesome! Love your answers, especially the jewellery part! I love unusual jewellery and would love to own a piece from each corner of the globe! I bet your wardrobe is so vibrant and fun! I definitely feel like I know you a bit more :) I shall answer them at some point thank you!! :)

  14. Hey Meagan, your life sounds so jam packed with fun! Thanks for nominating me. :) I've found a recipe for nut-free macaroons for you: but they might taste like crap so dont hold me on it! Great post

  15. Hi Meagan, Thanks so much for nominating me! It's a great compliment! Thank you!

    Priscella Manon x

  16. even if i've read all, I share in particular (of course)first of all!impossibile don't love Italy :) Even I would like to see a lot of wonderful place!However I love wander in town,like u,obviously with my camera and lost through crowed places :)

  17. hi Meagan,

    your adventures in italy sound superb! lucky you.

    thanks for tagging me, too. i'm going to prepare my post within the week. :)

  18. Meagan,we loved reading your 7 facts, you live a great life! Trois Femmes had to nominate you too for most stylish blog award. Check it out in our post, here:

  19. @aggie you definitely should!! If you're a foodie, you will find your place of worship in Italy.

    @ania thank-you so much!! Your support means a lot to me :)

    @sfd Italy was incredible!! I had been a few times before this trip but not nearly as long a duration. The experience of studying art history in one of the most culturally enriching and artistic countries is really so special.

    @Al you are so lucky to come from there and that you get to visit as often as you do!! Does that mean you bike ride to Tuscany too? I'm glad I've convinced you to take a trip to NY. If you have any questions, or would like to meet a friend for coffee, you know how to find me :)

    @Vanilla thank-you again for the nomination. I assure you that I don't travel nearly as much as it seems. These are 7 facts condensed over 25 years lol. I'm so happy you had the opportunity to wander in NY. It's good for the soul.

    @Maya you bet I do ;) You're right, it is so rare. I sort of have an insatiable appetite for life and travel. I don't want to conform, certainly not now that I'm pursuing a freelance career. I want to be a nomadic illustrator lol.

    @Christine I must make another visit and this time have you show me around :) adventures in Italy need I say more <3

    @Violetta love you too <3

    @Karolina thank-you, I adore you and your blog :)

    @Shayla you're so welcome. Your art is just beautiful xx

    @Meg so glad you liked it. My wardrobe is definitely vibrant haha. I was going to say here that I love all clothing with ruffles, volume, patterns, textures, interesting shapes etc. but it didn't make the cut lol.

    @Katie thanks a million. You're so sweet for looking that up. I definitely want to get on that asap.

    @Priscella you're so welcome. Your blog is so sweet and lovely xx

    @Norah it is great to wander with a camera too. You just never know what you will stumble across :)

    @Caitlin you're so welcome. I can't say enough how much I love your work <3

    @Trois Femmes so glad you enjoyed the list and thank-you for the nomination. Will check out your post shortly xx

  20. Hi! First of all your illustrations are simply amazing!
    Second, I love Italy too! :-) mi sento un po' italiana:)

    besos from madrid!

  21. @Iris thank-you so much for your sweet comment and for dropping by!! Your blog is lovely :)

  22. great love how you added your illustrations in the collage

    Love J

  23. I love your description of life in Florence! You made me want to live there too (and I'm Italian :P)


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