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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Men's Collection
FULLCIRCLE Accessories
Editing the Men's Collection
My Sales Meeting Opus Hotel Room

Hello Darlings,

I apologize for leaving you with such a 'cliffhanger' in the first installment of my series on how I came to find fashion illustration. Although I have to admit, your reactions were so delicious to read, secretly I'm not too sorry. For those of you who are just tuning in, you can start reading at the beginning here. Now as I recall I left you all at the Nicholas Metivier Gallery where I was approached by a model with a prospect. I was standing in front of Close's gigantic Kate Moss print being pestered by a bit of a lush, who apparently was quite a regular at their openings. Suddenly this beautiful, sympathetic girl approached me and ushered me aside.

She saved me in that moment in more ways than one. We started talking a little about what we did for a living and I explained that I had just completed my internship at FASHION a few mere hours before this opening. I also explained that I was looking to find work in a gallery. I remember her disappointment when I told her I was moving away from fashion because according to her she knew of the perfect position for me. Toronto's leading sales agency was looking for a new rep for a UK clothing line called FULLCIRCLE. She herself had once occupied the position but had since moved to ad sales at Jeanne Beker's FQ Magazine.

I remember thinking that this could be a really great start for me. This encounter had to be a 'sign'. By the next morning the model had emailed me, put me in contact with the agency, and set-up my interview date. I met with the owners on a Saturday, three days after the opening, and was offered the job on the spot. It was a fast paced turnover because they needed me to attend meetings in Montreal that same week to view the new Men's and Women's collection. I was offered a clothing allowance so that I would literally be selling the brand wherever I went. Suddenly I was responsible for selling this collection to all Ontario retail accounts.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that I was in WAY over my head. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for challenges, but I was really working against A LOT. I would rather not divulge the specifics because at the end of the day I'm tremendously grateful for the opportunity to have worked with this agency. Furthermore, sometimes discovering what you don't want to do pushes you even closer to what you do. I just didn't want to sell, plain and simple. After making a close friendship with one of the other reps there, I told her of my longing to combine both fashion and art. She suggested I research illustration. Shortly after I called a meeting with my boss.

To be continued...


  1. That is a long process to get to where you want to go, at least you figured out what you enjoyed and have worked to pursue it. You are very admirable, if I haven't already mentioned that. I can only predict that you will keep moving on up in the industry because your work is so unique and if I was top dog, unique would be the one I would go with for my company.

  2. @Shayla I couldn't agree more. I think it definitely took me a long time to discover my true passion in life. But on the other hand I think about the number of people who never actually find their calling and it makes me feel really lucky that I found mine at all. I really hope to keep moving up and it means so much to me that you think my work is really unique. I think the same of your work too :)

  3. I agree when you write, "sometimes discovering what you don't want to do pushes you even closer to what you do." It may have taken you a while, but you had so many experiences along the way...some wonderful, others maybe really hard. You made it past ups & downs, some confusion, etc. and I think that makes you stronger as a person.

    Soon after I graduated from college in May 2010 (undergrad in Economics & German) I was very confused...and scared to move to NYC and start a career in the fashion industry. It took me till December to make up my mind & now I'm going in April. To answer your question, I'm not there for school...I should have gone that route (to learn more and for connections,etc.) and eventually I might take a class. I want to get some retail experience & work for a designer to really see what it's like on a day to day basis (the good and the bad).

    I can't wait to read your next post. It may have been a confusing time for you at some point, but you talking about this now, in a way, gives hope to others. So thanks!


  4. Sounds so exciting Meagan! Seems like you've worked everywhere ! Love your outfit in the picture of you, lovely. Thank you for your sweet comment, you are so thoughtful :)

  5. these are just not long enough :D

  6. ANOTHER cliffhanger? You're killing me! And yes, I totally agree with doing what you don't like pushes you to what you do.

  7. Hi
    I always love to read how different people god their first big break.

    And how a chance encounter like this can change your entire life:)

    Have a great day.

  8. Clothing allowance?! Tempting. But selling is definitely a strange job to say the least. I can't wait for the next installment because you keep leaving us with cliffhangers.
    Oh, and yes, I have heard that before if we know what we don't want, then it is easier to know what we want.

  9. Your journey sounds so exciting and eventful and it made me realize I could sum mine up in a single sentence, so that wouldn't make a good read, would it? :D
    I want to know what happened next, tell, us, tell us! :)

  10. A cliffhanger again?! I don't think I can wait for the next part, hahaha, I already need to know what happens!
    What a great encounter you had though, sounds like it was a lot of effort and excitement all so quickly, it's strange how fast things can change! Well, your journey is certainly exciting, I will await the next part as patiently as possible!

  11. I've got just one thing to say, but the fact that English is not my mother tongue makes it a bit difficult to articulate... well I'll try...

    I think it's incredible the feeling that you give through your story: it's like even through these many steps that seem to lead somewhere else somehow you were already following a path, everything was leading to the right road... This stepping through the "wrong" experiences and the first jobs, it really looks like it is the destiny that wants you to realize what you already knew deep inside, your illustration future (and you know that usually I don't believe in destiny, it's just the feeling I have).

    I don't know, it's seem so unavoidable and strong, this future as an illustrator... It's like I feel this power in what you write.

    Yeah, OK, take me to the Mental clinic... but remember that it sounds strange just because I'm not good with english!! :D
    (at least I hope you understood what I wanted to say...)

    A big kiss and as always, I am preparing pop-corns for the next episode :D Looking forward to it!


  12. I remember that hotel room!! Don't remember the cutie in pic #4 though...what was the rest of the men's collection like, and do they need anyone else to help edit it?

  13. I think experiences like this are absolutely priceless in the bigger picture in life. Straight line might be faster, but it is definetely the boring one.
    I have been blaiming myself a lot of time in mylife for not being more focused or whatever, but now when I look at my life it's always the little curves like this I love the most.


  14. @Aldina thank-you for a truly beautiful comment!! I'm so happy you really got something from what I wrote above. You know the expression, 'if I touched at least one person than my job is done'? Well reading your response really makes me feel that way despite this not being a job at all. I really wanted to tell my story because I believed so many people could probably relate. Knowing that you and others are getting something out of this makes every twist and turn worth it. You're going to do great in NY, just wait in see. The first step is following your heart.

    @Katie absolutely and I really meant it. Thanks for the complement ;) I definitely feel like I've worked everywhere lol but I certainly have not. You can't put a price tag to the benefits of trying everything that interests you because you take away SO much, even if that means finding out with you don't want.

    @Ania that's so good to hear because I was afraid these were too long :)

    @aggie lol yes, sorry love!! I promise a timely finale.

    @Girl About Oslo thank-you, so sweet of you to drop by. I think you can take away so much from reading true stories about people finding their passion :)

    @RX-SZ lol yes clothing allowances are pretty common in the industry. Funny it didn't convince me enough to stay. I will admit I miss picking from the new collections and having to pay retail prices now :(

    @sfd I bet it would take more than one sentence, you're too modest. I remember you writing something about a debate you had regarding being born with the gift to draw. You set out to defy this statement!! That's a great story in itself :)

    @Vanilla aw don't worry I promise to post soon :) Funny it didn't feel that exciting while it was happening, it felt more stressful than anything. Only now when I look back do I realize how crazy and awesome all that was and I'm very proud.

    @Violetta hehe :)

    @Al you make it so difficult to believe that English is not your first language because you write like a natural born poet. Really your response is truly beautiful, I know I told you that already. As I said, I think it's absolutely amazing that my passion for fashion illustration comes through so vividly to you in my writing. Heart to heart, I guess there is truly no boundary to sincerity, big big hugs :)

    @Jenny Devenny I bet you remember this lol and right after we went for dinner at Cafeteria, so sweet. Oh and did I mention the model was also a firefighter haha.

    @Maya I know I tweeted you tell you this but your comment really brought me so much peace of mind. Thank-you honestly, because up until now I've felt cursed by how long my journey has been. In reality though I'm only 25 and I want my career to last forever haha so what is a few extra years of sorting one's path?

    Everyone who has commented and followed this story so far, THANK-YOU, from the bottom of my heart. I hope that you've gotten something from our journey thus far because I know I certainly have. I promise Part 3 is coming shortly :)

  15. sorry, I'm a bit late with my comment, but I didn't want to let this past post, I mean post pass without adding one thing at least!

    you should feel cursed. seriously!!! 25!!! way too old! and what a waste of time....

    I'm just being sarcastic ;) but I know that feeling only too well. I had been cursing myself for it taking so long to figure out what to do with my life, it almost made me not go for it in the end. in retrospect everything happened exactly when it was supposed to happen, and I couldn't have done anything differently.

    almost no one's life goes a direct path. it may seem that some go for what they want right away, but usually that just means they run into detours later. we took our detours already and hopefully have a more straight shot at things now. I'm quite confident. for you. and for me :)


  16. What an amazing job! I can't wait for part three- you've got me hooked :)

  17. @Petra now that I've started my fourth and final semester I feel like I'm living through that moment of knowing that everything is coming together as it should. I'm so excited!! I'm confident too for both of us :) xx

    @Indiana lol don't worry the GRANDE FINALE is coming up on Saturday woot woot!!


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