My First Job: FASHION Magazine Editorial Intern

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gorgeous Julia Dunstall

The Three FASHION Interns
FASHION Editors at 30th Anniversary Party
Greta Constantine Show Spring 08

Me Outside Loreal Fashion Week Tents
The Brilliant Jeanne Beker of FT

Hello Darlings,

Firstly I would like to offer a tremendous thank-you for the ever encouraging comments you left on 'Neon Colored Gypsy'. You all have me thinking so much about the idea of destiny and the power of visualization. Thanks to Sarah I've picked up a copy of 'The Secret'. Though I still have my reservations about the idea that absolutely everything is within our control through our thoughts, I'm definitely open to the idea of the 'law of attraction'. One thing that has struck me so far in reading it is that our past is a reflection of all our past thoughts. We attract into our lives whatever we are thinking about at the time. Change your thoughts, change your life.

I've had a lot of readers ask me since starting this blog how I came to discover fashion illustration as my calling and I suppose it's an example of the 'law of attraction'. I've decided to do a three part job series that will document my journey after college in hopes that I might shed some light on this whole debate. My entire life I've been in love with fashion and art. In high school I was simultaneously labeled the next big thing in fashion while selling paintings to faculty members. By the time I finished my Bachelor of Commerce at McGill I was itching to work in fashion to find where I belonged. I wasn't sure that I would ever combine my two loves.

After spending about five weeks in France and Spain following graduation, I returned to Toronto lost and anxious. It took maybe one week for me to discover the internship program at Canada's FASHION Magazine and three for me to work up the courage to apply. Sure enough the following day I got a call from Sarah Casselman asking me to come in for an interview. I started shortly thereafter Fall 07. While a lot of the responsibilities took place in house, such as calling in samples, credit info, lunch runs, we got to attend many cover and island shoots to assist the stylists. I even got to attend fashion week and market visits with the editors.

However, what frustrated me more than anything was sitting in the editorial department rather than the art. There was such a division between the two. Moreover, all the work in the art department was done digitally. The editors were graphic designers. At the time I had no experience whatsoever in this arena and all I wanted to do was draw what the magazine was producing. Four months, four days a week unpaid, and it was time to wrap up the internship. At this point I didn't think I would ever fit in fashion and that I should probably apply to work at an art gallery. The day I finished I attended a Chuck Close opening at Nicholas Metivier and was approached by a model with a prospect.

To be continued...


  1. Ooo what an interesting story! I guess it's true that everything is digital now. Waiting for the next part ;)

  2. @aggie it gets even better trust me. Sometimes timing can be really shocking and make you do a double take. The next part of the story feels exactly like that. The good news is it seems magazines are using a considerable amount of fashion illustrators again even if it's only freelance work xx

  3. uuuu, am so excited. Love stories like this! Can't wait for the sequal. :-))))
    Please don't leave us waiting too long :-)


  4. I love hearing about how people get into the industry. Fascinating reading and I can't wait for part two!

  5. @Maya I promise I won't ;) I'm so excited for this post actually because I feel like I'm flushing out all my worries remembering how I got to where I am today.

    @Indiana so glad you enjoyed. I hope that you will fashion write in the future :)

  6. This was really interesting to read Meagan, it's always great to know more about the person behind the art and the kind of life they lead. 'To be continued' always gets me eager and ready for more, haha, can't wait for the next part.

  7. Ah, so cool! Being an intern looks like it was an amazing learning opportunity and tons of fun. Knowing the ins and outs of the fashion magazine industry will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial. Meagan I found this post to be a good read, and I can't wait to see more fashion illustration from you!

  8. interesting read. and good to see some pictures along with the story. it's always good to put thoughts into words and share them with someone else. it forces you to make them very clear, explain yourself, and in the process you often get a better understanding of yourself. so keep flushing out more memories :)


  9. Thanks for sharing this Meagan, you know I was going to email you with this exact question about how you got to where you are now but I thought I better not ask you a question that might need a long answer as you must be busy with your final year work right now. And then this post arrives and now I can't wait to read what happened next, hurry, I want to know the rest :D

  10. aaahh i wanna know what happens next :D a line of dreams jobs i am sure. amazing how so many people think working at a magazine would be so much fun and in reality it is probably very stressful... and frustrating in your case. this is very exciting though :)

  11. @Vanilla awesome, I feel like there is still so much more to flush out haha. I guess it's okay since there are two more parts to the series.

    @Petra you're brilliant. When I read your comment I said 'wow she gets it'. You seem to know what I'm going through better than I do. Thanks for shinning a light through the fog.

    @sfd I can't believe you wanted to write me and here I am giving the answer. Talk about cosmic connection. I just felt like a lot of people could benefit from hearing my story. I'm just a normal girl with dreams like you. When you hear how things played out it will make you think twice about the idea of destiny :) That's why I keep telling you that what you're going through right now is a sign. You are meant to do art Veronika, no doubt about it.

    @Ania stressful is putting it nicely lol. I'm sure you understand completely being a model just how unglamorous fashion can be sometimes. The upside was getting some free clothes and makeup from the sample closets. I also got to ask a ton of questions and see the ins and outs of how a magazine comes together. I developed a thicker skin for sure which has come in handy living in NYC. I can't wait to tell the rest.

  12. I loved reading this, I am glad you know what you want though. You love fashion but you wanted to pursue the "art," side not just be apart of it. I have become to admire you, I really love your artwork and you are so severely talented that I just know you are going to end up being published in a magazine or something.

  13. GIrl i'm so happy for you. Your life is amazing! You are too cool. ;) REally, one of my inspiration!

  14. how exciting! can't wait for the next installment;)

  15. @Shayla your comment touched me SO much, thank-you. I really hope what you said comes true and the same goes for you my love xx

    @Christine lol thank-you, I'm not sure if I'm nearly as cool as I might come across. I just really go after the things that I want in my life. So glad it is inspiring though. That's exactly what I would have hoped for.

    @Kaleido I can't wait to write it. Thanks for stopping by :)

  16. I just want follow my dream mee to but isn't easy!! Especially in italy

    check it out Dior Haute Couture girl ;)

  17. I knew you would have faced your fears and doubts in a constructive and strong way!! The fact that you didn't start to cry on lost opportunities and wait passively for you dreams to realize, but instead started to analyze your path until now to have clearer in your mind where you want to go really shows your determination and strength.
    (ouch! Italian construction of the sentence, too long!)

    The more I know you the more I think you're cool ahaha!;D

    The downside is that the more I read these things, the more I think I didn't listen to my deepest desires and choose not completely the right path...
    Oh well, I will have to make these voices in my head shut up!

    In the meanwhile, I'm waiting impatient for the next episode! I'm very curious :p



  18. Many congratulations sweetheart! I am sure you will rock at this job, and you look the part:) very professional chic. <3

    I vizualise and go with my gut all of the time, and when you get focused it really does work. I guess that is what I was writing about in my latest post, really knowing your true potential and bringing it to life. I don`t always want to know what my instinct is telling me, but it is always there, if I get still enough. I want to thank you for your heartfelt and warm comment to me, I really appreciate it, you helped me recenter my self. I am so glad I met you. I will be thinking about you in your new ventures, I hope you take it all in and embrace all of your self. kiss kiss! <3

  19. Congrats!!!Fascinating reading :)

    xx Marina

  20. Meags, you're not just an amazing artist, you're also a wonderful story teller. I'm on the edge of my seat!

  21. Emsies you won't have to wait too long, part II tomorrow!!

  22. So here I am reading and then wanted to hit you with a shoe when you be continued

    hahahaha. But with a nice shoe :-)
    look forward to reading part 2.
    Funny where life takes you

  23. Don't worry Sanaa, Part II is coming this afternoon :) You didn't have to wait a week since I posted this lol so no shoe throwing xx


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