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Monday, January 3, 2011

Introducing My Sister Nicole

Hello Friends,

So we meet again in 2011. I contemplated for a while about putting together a farewell compilation of photos taken throughout 2010 for New Years. Truth be told, the minute I opened my iphoto library I experienced a huge wave a repulsion. Not a single ounce of my being wanted to look back. That isn't to say I didn't enjoy 2010. In fact, I did a lot of incredible things this year between traveling half-way across the world and beginning this blog. That said, I want nothing more than to look forward; You know what they say, out with the old, in with the new.

I couldn't be more relieved about moving into 2011. Starting in February, I will be beginning my fourth and final semester at FIT. That means come April our fashion illustration block will be displaying our curated showcase at the Museum at FIT. I plan on taking a little vacation in the spring after all the hard work, and in preparation for May graduation. Furthermore, this summer I will be entering into the working world again and hopefully launching my career in illustration. Just thinking of all the possibilities, and uncertainties, I couldn't be happier.

That said, I do want to address my New Years. As far back as I can remember my family has met days before New Years Eve to purchase our big feast at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. This market meet-up has been one of my favorite of all the holiday traditions. However, this year it was deemed unnecessary due to lack of time. My sister and I took it upon ourselves to go anyways to keep it alive. The thing about tradition is it grows with you, adapts to you, until it becomes something new altogether. Here are some photos of the old/new tradition. Enjoy!!

P.S. Big thanks to my awesome sister Nicole for her great eye and photography skills.


  1. When I first saw this it reminded me for some reason of that photo-painting series you did for our photography class! This market looks great, and you and your sister look fabulous!

    xo Jimmy

  2. I feel like you. 2010 wasn't all bad, some great things happened, but generally I'm happy it's over.
    can't wait to see and read what 2011 has in stock for you :)

  3. @Jimmy you're so right. I love photographing markets with all the saturated colors. I've been wanting to do a post about this for a longtime.

    @Petra thank-you, me too!! I spent a good hour on your blog yesterday soaking up all the inspiration, plus the 10 min fireworks video, amazing xx

  4. Great post, Meag! Our day in the city was a lot of fun. You sure did capture it. Looking forward to next year back at the market. Lots of love, Cole xoxo


  6. I always enjoy seeing photos that reflect general life!
    I tend to have a few traditions that I stick to around certain times of year too, strange how these things stick around for years :) Can't help but wonder what 2011 will bring this year!

  7. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog!
    Your illustrations are beautiful. Look forward to visiting your blog again.

  8. Good to see you here in shiny new 2011 Meagan, hope you're getting over your nasty cold fast.
    You must be sooooo excited about finishing off your degree and I can only imagine how exciting it's going to get once you graduate, don't forget to show us your final work :)

  9. You and your sister are beautiful ;)

    You are right, i read something about 70s on LV me too :) But i forgot to write it maybe beacause i don't feel very much this thing...but is true! ;)

    (I tried to find you on FB but there was like 40 Meagan Morrison ;) LOL If you want -only if you want- you can find me, and add me. try to find "Cristina Legnini")


  10. So agree on looking back. I enjoyed this photos... I love how there are these things that are completely normal in one place and unknown in another.
    Here is to a great 2011


    P.S. Make your trip a Croatian one! You have a place to stay! ;-)))

  11. @Nicole love you sistah xx

    @Roberto so awesome, thanks for the comment ;)

    @Vanilla so glad to hear because I love mixing up the content on my blog so it isn't always about fashion.

    @Indigo I'm so happy you visited. I will be stopping by your blog shortly.

    @Veronika you have no idea how excited I am, but also sad. I guess that leaves me between the two in a state of savory because I want to enjoy every last minute of this.

    @Christine, thanks so much, you are too. I will definitely look for you on facebook. Just wait and I will find you lol ;)

    @Maya one day I will make it there, sooner than later, and you know I will be knocking at your door anxious to meet you and have a laugh xx

  12. Hi Meag, sounds like a lovely tradition! And spending time with sisters is the best :)

    Enjoy your last semester, soak up as much as you can!


  13. @Kate so true, do you have a sister too?

    @Marina thank-you :)

  14. Absolutely loved this. I thought the same thing about 2010: I traveled half way across the world and probably for the very same reason you did. I started my blog and in some ways moved forward with my life. Was I fond of 2010? Not so much. If we think about it from a different angle, we did do a lot. Just a 'different kind' of a lot. It's those things that will transfer into the new year.

    love u!

  15. P.S. You look fantastic! Your hair's a lot longer. And you look peaceful Meagan! It seems you've 'truly grown' in the last year and a half. I miss u, and hope to reunite this coming year :-)

  16. Is this the market we went to with your mama for fresh fruit when I came to visit?I loved that place!! Meag and Cole Morrison are looking absolutely radiant in 2011! xoxo

  17. @Sanaa, so true, laying the groundwork for 2011. You gotta swim the moat before you reach the castle ;)

    @Jenny you bet it is!! Love you and thank-you xx


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