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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello Loves,

As promised here is another painting I've done in tribute to the brilliant James Meakin. From the moment I saw this photograph I felt an immediate connection to it. I love the spirit, the warmth, the optimism. I like that I could actually escape into it. It reminded me of trying on these beautiful Afghani caftans in Istanbul and feeling so fortunate to witness such beauty. I've been on winter break now for the past five weeks, sifting through my anxieties about the future. At present everything is uncertain about my life and it has me thinking a lot about destiny.

I was reading Seventeen magazine today lol with Leighton Meester on the cover and she was talking about the power of visualization. She described how she literally conceived her dreams into reality. It got me thinking about the reason I started this blog, that I literally titled it after my dream job. Is it so far stretched to think that I could travel, write, and draw for a living? Being in New York makes you realize that anything is possible, that the homeless man in the park could be the next youtube sensation. Is that destiny or the power of believing? Why couldn't that be you or me?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, what do you believe? For fear of ending this post in an existential crisis I would like to close with two must-see exhibits in New York right now.

'Fashion Illustration: Visual Poetry' at Gallery Hanahou curated by my professor and renowned artist Bil Donovan. It will feature the likes of Stina Persson, Sara Singh, and John Jay Cabuay opening tomorrow Jan 20th, 2011.

'Balenciaga: Spanish Master' at Queen Sofia Spanish Institute which showcases the work and impact of Cristobal Balenciaga's visionary designs ending Feb 19th, 2011.

Lots of love,
Meag xx


  1. I love the details on this piece! The umbrella, her dress. Everything is fabulous!

    I understand what you mean about the great unknown... I stumbled across something today, called Neuro-linguistic programming, have you heard of it? It's pretty much what you're talking about (we were on the same train of thought today it appears). It's about thinking yourself into your success.

  2. Awesome Katie, was that an article? If so do you mind forwarding it to me?
    Honestly this has just been on my mind for so long I just had to write about it.

  3. WOW, love love love this! There is so much movement and expression here, and all of those explosive colours on the umbrella and the dress are astounding. I adore all the little patterns throughout this piece too, it adds so much detail and gives it a really ornate feeling!
    I think the same things as well, so many uncertainties about the future, it's strange wondering where you might end up in ten years, isn't it? I'm sure there are many talented people out there that travel, write and draw, and I'm sure someone as talented as you could do that too :) Plus it seems that so many creative people these days dream of living in New York! (You are incredibly lucky to be there!) I believe both destiny and the power of believing, and a lot of hard work! I think the combination of these three could get a person where they want to be :)

  4. First of all, this illustration is fantastic! I have said it before, but I will said it again. I love the details you put into your work. It is just amazing.
    About your possible existential crisis, I am currently on the same boat as you. Well, sort of. I want to write and travel for a living. But it does seem a bit crazy. Yet, others have done it. So why can't we do it? We can, we can. I have just learned that dreams are expensive and not just financially, but emotionally and psychologically. So the question becomes whether we are willing to pay the prize...

  5. @Vanilla thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!! I wish I could take all the credit but the reference was really the original source of all the detail and colors. I think you're absolutely right about the three part combination. Sitting and wishing doesn't make anything real, it certainly does take hard work, and I'm more than willing to give this all I've got. I'm so happy to have all you incredible people onboard the blog journey with me :)

    @RX-SZ thank-you so much love. I definitely understand how emotionally and psychologically taxing a dream can be. The good news for you is that magazines, fashion or travel, higher travel writers and pay you to do what you dream of doing. If you even interned at a magazine or started writing for an online travel website you could really get your foot in the door. What I want to do doesn't quite exist because the demand is for travel writers, or photographers, not illustrators :(

  6. i absolutely love this! i'm so glad I'm caught up - there's been an TWD explosion! xoxo

  7. Ooo I love Stina Persson! I featured her work on Elements Magazine last year:

    I do believe that you can achieve anything, especially when you're in New York. Would love to visit NY one day, but I'll get fat in Italy first ;)

  8. First of all, I love your drawing (as always eh eh...) The colours are wonderful and I especially like the transparencies of the dress... I would love to buy it myself! :D

    As for your questions I have a very precise opinion about.

    I have been raised with the idea that if you really want something and you work very hard for it in the end you'll get it.
    I have a really positive way of seeing the human power and I don't really believe in destiny, maybe because I am a scientist, but I really think that if you want something with all your mights you can get it. And the fact that I KNOW that it's like that makes me very confident about my capacities and what I want (at least, in the job I'm doing).

    That's how I want to see you: determined and confident. And I am sure you'll get it, because you have the talent, a very big one. And I am also sure that you're ready to work very hard on it (as you're already doing) and to be patient.

    Believe in yourself... I believe in you! (as many other people here it seems! :D)

    A big hug (don't let yourself down!)


  9. Beautiful Work! I do believe that what you are able to visualize and put onto paper or a 'dream board' might sometimes come true provided your mind is set positively towards it and the reasons are pure. Have you read the book or listened to the audio CD called 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne? It is a topic related to that and it's very inspiring and motivating. Good luck in achieving your dreams!

    BTW you got Katie Perry SPOT ON for the drawing on my blog!

  10. lovely illustrations. as always :)

    I have to agree with what other people said before me. you have such talent, I'm 100% sure you find your niche. it might take some time though. and maybe it's a good thing that there aren't many illustrators who travel and write. I think a bit of self-doubt is normal and good. it makes life a bit harder for you than for people with a huge ego, but it also means you're a sensitive and compasionate person, and these are qualities that shouldn't be underestimated.

    I have total faith in you. I'm sure you find your way. much love from London!!!


  11. I love this painting Meagan!

    I love what you did on her dress!

  12. This illustration has great colours. I actually saw that this exhibition is happening and am so sad I can't come and see it.
    And about the existensial crisis; don't fight it, embrace it. These will always come and go. I know this might sound strange, but the trick is not to take them personally. They are like little storms that come and go. And if ever you need a pep talk just get in touch! :-))))


  13. @Emma there was a TWD explosion only because you took a momentary lapse from facebook leaving everyone brokenhearted. Don't put us through that trauma again okay and I promise there won't be anymore explosions.

    @aggie you did a beautiful coverage of Stina's works. I saw a lot of those in person because she had a solo show at the same gallery not too long ago. Her works are divine, so expressive, but seeing them in person is a must.

    @Violetta <3

    @Al you're so awesome, thank-you!! I think you're right although I do believe there are certain things out of our control. What really scares me is how many people talk themselves out of success, almost self-sabotage. I think the biggest failure is never trying. I guess my attitude now is to give New York and my dream everything I've got and hopefully the rest will fall into place as it should.

    @Sarah so funny you mentioned the secret!! I haven't read it yet but was thinking about the number of friends who have suggested. I'm going to buy it today. I think I need to read about the power of thought, willing something into reality.

    @Petra you're so right!! Maybe I'm tapping into a market that does not yet exist, and who said I couldn't carve it out or pave the way? I love what you wrote. I do consider myself to be very compassionate. I guess I just don't believe in taking anything for granted. Life is so unpredictable and I was born with a lot of luck on my side but it doesn't mean I will have that forever. But I have a lot of drive, and support so hopefully it will come together.

    @Gaston thank-you love <3

    @Maya I'm hoping this storm blows over soon :P Although I know it's because at the moment I'm away from school and in transition. I'm sitting on the edge of the finish line and it's scary as hell. I will be back in NY Monday so hopefully that will bring some sweet relief xx

  14. Thank you very much for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it:)

    Regarding your thoughts on above, I think that all depend on our way of thinking. If a person doesn't believe in himself and hasn't got the strenght and motivation to reach his dreams is a coward. Everything is hidden in our psyche. If people are homeless it is their own decision, choice. There are many jobs available and everyone who truly wants to live at a good standard is able to do this. Many people are simply (unfortunately) too lazy...

    Greetings Agnes :*

  15. Beautiful painting! Love her face and the colors!!!

    I was in Clovis, New Mexico three months :)

    johanna, sweden

  16. Wow, you are really talented!
    expecially i like how you use colors, sooo expressive!

  17. Thank you for your comment Meagan, it warmed my heart. :) I'm glad we found each other in the blog world!

    About the NLP as they call it, upon giving it another eye over, it appears you can apply the techniques to any aspect of life. However what these techniques are remain unclear. It's a money gimmick rubbish. Perhaps I should have found this out before I recommended it.

    But I really believe that every artist doubts her or his self at different point in their career, after all artists are persons of analytical natures... Hang in there, you know you got it goin on.

  18. this is absolutely wonderful. you are gifted with your use of color.

    yes, dream our life into reality, anything is possible.

  19. Your use of colour and technique in the dress is stunning!
    My parents always encouraged me to work hard to reach my goals. Hard work gets you a long way :)

  20. Indeed I think it's the right attitude: always hope and try your best. I don't think you're the kind of girl that will end up sabotaging herself, I think you shouldn't be scared.
    In NY you have great chances and possibilities and you have got the qualities to succeed, so no fears.

    And as you said, trying is the most important thing: put all your mights and energies into your dreams and you'll never regret anything, even if things don't go 100% as planned.

    So cheer up ;-)

    A kiss


  21. Hi Meag, thanks so much for your compliment, it means even more now I've seen this beautiful painting!
    Priscella Manon x

  22. I will continue to be fascinated of ur drawings. U have a great dowry :) the power of ur colors is incredibile, it seems true this paiting.
    Which color use it?

  23. There's nothing wrong with being scared, you know what they say - if you're scared it means you're onto something good and something important. The fact that there aren't many people who travel and illustrate is actually something that will work in your favor because not many people are doing it so you should go for it, just make sure your travels take you to my part of England so we can have a coffee and an illustration session together :)

  24. ooooooooooooooooooomG!!! AMAZZZZING!!! The color, the feeeling is soooo obsessive!! Just love your work babe! Thanks for the sweet shout out on twitter!!! Happy WEEKEND!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  25. beautiful meags, annddd soo much to tell you about the power of visualization, so come back already!! xo

  26. omg hilarious, that just got posted under my mom's gmail account (this is Jenny btw)...which is actually way more appropriate, she's all about visualization and would love this post!

  27. @agnes thank-you so much for your encouraging words!! The greatest failure is to not try at all.

    @Johanna it must have been so inspiring living there, lucky girl :)

    @S thank-you, you're so very sweet. I absolutely LOVE using colors and being as expressive as I possibly can be.

    @Katie I feel the same way, it's been awesome getting to know you too. You're right about self-doubt. It's human nature and if you didn't question yourself ever I would find that more concerning lol. My mom picked me up 'The Secret' which talks a lot about the law of attraction. I think there are limits to what this book suggests but I'm open to reading it :)

    @Tammie thank-you so much. In my personal work I love using nothing but color :)

    @Indigo it certainly does. I think a combination of hard work, positive thinking, and whatever is meant to be determines the way.

    @Al I was thinking about that the other day, what will happen when things don't go as plan, because they rarely ever do lol. It's funny how the things you thought you wanted end up not being what you want at all. Suddenly things you need just find you xx

    @Priscella you're so welcome. I'm pretty sure I'm going to remember your illustration forever it is so beautiful.

    @Norah you're so sweet, thank-you. I don't use one color per say. I definitely love combining mediums and mixing as much as possible. I think the trick is to not dilute the colors. I love them as saturated as possible :)

    @sfd that is so true. When you're scared that's when you know how badly you want something and I've never wanted anything more. You can count on a coffee in England sooner than later. I love London, maybe I will move there :)

    @Beckerman Girls I'm totally beside myself that you've commented on my blog!!!! I've loved your designs since you started your collection, and used to lust over your accessories. You definitely played a HUGE inspirational role in me pursuing my dreams. You made me feel that if you could do it, I could do it too. I wish you all the continued success in your careers and that one day we can meet at your amazing sample sales :)!!!!

    @Sheryl lol I mean Jenny, I've bought 'The Secret' and desperately need a Le Pain Quotidien brunch to discuss my findings with you. I'm lost in the secret Jenny, I'm just not sure that I believe all that it says lol. Miss you SO much. Will be back in New York Monday. Can't wait to see you xoxoxo

  28. My grandma sent me that book and DVD but no one around here knew anything about it so I just tossed it all aside. If it is a good read I am definitely going after it!

  29. @Shayla I got a little further into reading it last night and I REALLY like it. Still feel a little skeptical but I think you should definitely check it out. Some very interesting, thought provoking, suggestions are made in there.

  30. yeahh.... nice blog here....
    btw, i have followed this blog using GFC. hope u do the same to me!

    thanks & happy blogging!

  31. @Dasril thank-you so much I will be happy to check out your blog!!

  32. Hi Meag,

    Yet another STUNNING piece of work! LOVE her dress! Always inspiring :)

    All I know is that you have to believe good things will happen and then they will! If not, try try again!!


  33. OMG this is wonderful. I wish I could draw people as well as you can.

  34. The colors are delicious in your new painting!

    I think you can have your cake and eat it too. I am amazed every month that goes by that I can still pay my bills with just illustrations... even though half of my time goes to doing work that I won't even be paid for with money (only promotion, handbags or clothing etc.) One day you will be able to travel write and draw... and me too.

  35. @Illustrate Kate try, try, and try again. Eventually you will succeed :) so true xx

    @Helen thank-you so much. I just adore drawing people, they are so fascinating and no two faces are identical.

    @emmakisstina thank-you for your inspiring words. Honestly it is so encouraging to hear that. I really hope the same for my future xx


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