Draw Me In: Gucci SS11!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Jenny in Rio wearing Gucci SS11

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And the winner of 'Draw Me In' is: Jennifer Devenny from The Adventures of Super Healthy Girl and my most beautiful, dearest friend!! I was so elated to pull Jenny's name from the hat which you can see in the video above. Jenny and I have known each other since the tender age of 18. We met our very first year at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and instantly became inseparable (so inseparable I moved her next door to me in residence :P). Sometimes you can't quite explain the chemistry between two friends. We are almost like ying and yang. What I do know is that I couldn't imagine my life without her and I cherish everyday that we get to spend together here in New York. You wouldn't believe it but this is the first time I've ever properly drawn her.

Jenny chose this incredibly sexy and chic Gucci SS11 look. I was dying to put her in an equally lust worthy location. I've had Brazil on my mind for the past couple of weeks and Jenny has wanted to work in South America almost as long as I've known her. I thought Rio de Janeiro, Brazil would be the perfect location for her. Moreover, since I've had the great privilege of watching Jenny grow into the incredible woman she is today, I wanted the illustration to reflect that. Jenny almost always smiles from ear to ear in photos, so I decided to draw her more subtly with a quiet confidence. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I really hope this drawing conveys my absolute adoration for Miss. Devenny. Fingers crossed that she likes it :)

Thank-you again to everyone who submitted for the contest!! I REALLY wish I could have drawn all of you. I'm overjoyed by the reception on this blog. You all make me better.

Lots of love,
Meag xx


  1. Gorgeous illustration. Jenny chose a great look, happy for her and a bit jealous too! ;-)

  2. The video is soooo sweet!!

    Jenny is sooo lucky ;))
    Amazing drawing!!! xoxo

  3. Your work never ceases to amaze me! I am in awe at how great this illustration is!

  4. I love how you write so sweet and full of love. A luxury in this world! i think your video reflect that :)

    Beautiful Gucci girl :)


  5. great drawing and overall great friendship I imagine since your words :)


  6. I LOVE your drawing!! It is so sexy and full of power! I think it's a destiny that you drew one of your best friends: it was time that you could draw her properly ;)

    LOL and you're too cute, really, every time you make a video I would watch it 20 times in a row, you've got the happiest smile ever! And You're so beautiful! And I love your glasses!!

    Ok, I'll stop it now, I'm complimenting too much with too many people today... (Marc Jacobs in my post, you here... :D) Gotta go back to my real self! LOL (no, I'm kidding, I could never make compliments on your work enough)

    Maaaaaany kisses!!!


  7. Really can't stop visiting your blog now, every time you post something new I am captivated! I adore the colours of the sky, so bold and vibrant, and that silky texture to the dress is just perfect, the light bounces off it in all the right places!

  8. Meags!!! I saw this the second you posted it at work and have been dying to comment!!! (My internet wasn't letting me) oh my god meags, seriously I love it so sooo much and feel beyond lucky to have such an amazing illustrator AND amazing friend draw me!! I can't believe I won!!! Seriously this is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever made for me, it is STUNNING...if only I could wear this in real life!! The colors are gorgeous and I'm so happy you put me in Rio, it is absolutely stunning and gorgeous, I will cherish it forever!!! Thank you thank you for this beautiful piece of art, you know how incredibly talented I think you are and thank you thank you for your amazing friendship and for the beautiful things you said, it means the world to me! I can't even believe we were once those little 18 year old babies running around mtl!!AHhhh i am sooo excited!! Love you so so much, and I can only hope that one day soon you will be drawing the two of us in Rio and writing about all the adventures we will have there. Love youuuu!!! xoxoxoxoox

  9. Whoooa, love the illustration, and LOOVE THE COLORS IN THE BACKGROUND! So very nice.

  10. Looks great. Oh my god what an outfit, and what movement and dynamics in this illustration. So cool! Next time I am so in this draw!!!! :-)


  11. Very powerful drawing, beautiful!

    johanna, sweden

  12. This is so beautiful! Love the outfit she chose, and the background colours and style! Great job once again!

  13. Oh, this is so lovely, your friend is one lucky girl :)

  14. Wow, amazing drawing! Gorgeous!

  15. i love your illustrations! u know (u must know this)
    and BTW...
    u want to paint me?
    it`s amazing, i don`t mind :)
    i`ll be happy :)

  16. awww meag this is soooo stunnning!!!!! :)
    this was also one of my favourite spring collections too so glad to see you draw one of my favourite looks from it!! funnily enough i had started drawing a different look from this collection a while back but havent got round to finishing it...i must do that sometime!!!

    anyway just wanted to say this is gorgeous, love the colours you have used, as always that is your forte, you have a brilliant eye for colour!!
    i miss speaking with you, we must email sometime!! :)
    much love xoxo

  17. ohhh wow you're such a fantastic artist! i love all the bold colors and glamorous elements of your illustrations and of your blog! so glad to have found you! =)




  19. Wow, Meag, AMAZING! Jenny looks stunning and the illustration is gorgeous. And Rio, what a vibrant and exciting city, perfect choice!


  20. "Sometimes you can't quite explain the chemistry between two friends." I understand very well this sentence, it's the same thing between me and my best friend whos's like a sister :)
    So this paint is PERFECT with this INCREDIBLE COLOURS, i will never stop to tell u "AMAZING,GREAT GREAT!
    have a wonderful we

  21. loveee the outfit w/ the greeen skirt, the gold belt goes perfect with it! you are an amazing artist!
    xx Jordana


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