Oscar de la Renta: Siberian Snow Princess

Monday, February 21, 2011

© ODLR FW11 - Look 45

Hello My Darlings,

Alas here is the art piece inspired by a show that can be described as nothing short of magic. For those of you just tuning in, my FIT fashion illustration block had the great honor of attending the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2011 show this past Wednesday, which you can view here. Our ticket for admission was to create an illustration of a chosen look, showcasing our vision. Being that I was moved to tears (well choked on my tears) at the show, you can imagine how I felt in my own space creating an art piece inspired by my experience. At first I felt completely anxious because I wanted to draw everything, but then I took my time, drew thumbnails, researched, and painted roughs until I found my groove.

I decided to illustrate Look 45 modeled by my face crush Daphne Groeneveld. She looked like a true vision in white, darling girl with flushed cheeks, I just had to paint her. The collection itself seemed to be very much inspired by Russia with an almost nomadic flare to it shown in the patterns and textures. I wanted to place Daphne in a Siberian setting, isolated, and yet owning the space she walked through. When searching for snow queen references, I kept finding Russian fairytale and folklore stories that further engrained my inspiration. Fortunately it all came together, my Oscar de la Renta Siberian Snow Princess and her husky, alone in the fantastical snow covered forest.

I've just sent it into Oscar de la Renta to hopefully be featured on their facebook or tumblr with my classmates. In the end I'm really proud of my piece because I trusted my gut on this and stayed true to my vision. I was so worried that it didn't fit the 'fashion illustration' mold but my teacher Karen Santry assured me that it was everybit what it needed to be, fabulous, (love you Karen)!! Enjoy!!

Meag xx


  1. Meags, I absolutely love this Siberian princess! Soooo good. Makes me feel like I was at the show too. xo

  2. meagan! I like this your work with a doggy!! thank you for sharing!

  3. gorgeous!!!!!!! love the color pallete and puppy dogggg. i wish i had the attention span to acheive something so crazyy. question-what kind of paper did you work on? interesting texturee

  4. OMG OMG OMG!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! and love Daphne as well. great choice <3

  5. @Emma thank-you darling, you were at the show in my heart :)

    @Super Healthy Girl I ate vegetables while producing this, specifically string beans so I think that had a lot to do with my success ;)

    @Tomomi I miss you and I'm so happy you visited.

    @devonpentz I used CANSON lovey, almost always do. I absolutely love how the paint and colored crayons take to the paper. I really hope the ODLR site features all our stuff (fingers crossed) xx

    @Ania yayayayay so happy you like it and yes Daphne is my new obsession xoxo

  6. Meag, you did a wonderful job and captured the look beautifully!! Love the Snow Princess concept, so magical and insightful!


  7. Beautiful work Meagan! I love the husky, and the colors of the forest! Congrats is in order!

  8. Scarves Scarves
    Lovely idea!! I always enjoy the posts! Looking forward to many more (:

  9. These are amazing Meagan!
    I don't see why you would feel anxious about this project, you have done a beyond great job! Beside your fantastic drawing of the look, I love the personal touch you gave it with the huskey (is that what those are called?)

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with my current traveling adventures. But most of all I do not have the words to say how thankful I am for calling an excellent writing. I almost cried. Thank you Meagan! I love your posts!

  10. Meagan it's amazing!!! It's not only beautiful, it's also full of life!! I think you can feel that you saw the show live, felt the mood, saw the models in movement...

    I can believe you liked Daphne, she also looks like the perfect girl for that dress, she looks exactly like I imagine the princesses of Russian and nordic tales, and you gave even more power to this vision with the dog and that background...

    Ahhh Meag you're such and inspiration...



  11. what an amazing illustration. and you still sound so excited!!!

  12. Darling friend, you are just so talented! I love this, trusting your gut was clearly the way to go, just amazing. How exiting that you guys will be featured! I am so happy for you! Tell me, I would love for you to do an arwork on me, it would be a dream come true to be honest. Going rates? I hope your week is going well!

    Love, Anika

  13. I just fell in love with this piece, WOW. There's nothing I love more in art than a beautiful snow scene, and this is definitely beautiful! I love all those bold colours in the background that really make the clothing stand out in white, all those details in the hair and the clothing are so amazing, you're such a talented artist!

  14. Wow! Gorgeous. I agree with Vanilla. Having a snow scene is so beautiful. and I like how you added an animal. :)

  15. You done a good good job!THis drawing is super cool!!Sooo similar to the real !!AMazing!

  16. Well done! I admire the way you use crayons. Details are perfectly done and I like the original background- it reminds me one of the shows of Maciej Zień-polish designer ( you can see photos here if you want: http://www.zeberka.pl/art.php?id=9039 ).I'm also happy because of your success;)
    Hugs Agnes x

  17. goshness... i still can't get over it. a high fashion show... and you captured the look and feel of that outfit and daphne perfectly. you must be so proud! (you should be!) as i'm crazy for cats and dogs, i absolutely love the puppy in your drawing! (extra points for that!) you're so gifted, lucky girl!

    i didn't pay a lot of attention to daphne g. and all the hype around her. but the more often i saw her, the more fascinated i've become by her. an amazing face.

  18. I love the girl but those colors in the background and the dog look so perfect with her and that expression she's got on her face, brilliant piece of work Meagan, well done you! :)

    Veronika (http://www.constantworkinrpogress.com)

  19. it's so amazing that you got to do this!
    the husky dog is a clever and original idea:)
    well done you!!!
    xx Marina

  20. Hello Meag§
    Oh lala! so beautiful! Love the luminous white fur!

  21. de la Renta is a fucking genious... I love him! Kisses

  22. love love love ur illustration! lol
    snow princess indeed...i love the background!!


  23. This is FAB-U-LOUS Meag!!
    So in love with it, the colours in the background are gorrrgeous and set the mood so well! The face, as always, is the most stunning thing I think you captured her perfectly! I love the wolf too, would have been so awesome if they actually came down the runway with them :)
    Can't wait to see it on the website with your classmates too!

  24. Wow it's stunning. I think you really captured magic with this illustration...

  25. You're all so wonderful, thank-you beyond words for your incredible encouragement.

    @RX-SZ I really meant it too, but please don't cry :) Just read more great writing this morning xoxo

    @Al of course you being the brilliant girl that you are, you could see how me being at the show influenced my rendering. Your observations are so special. Big hugs, xoxo


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