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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anna Dello Russo

Star Professors Karen Santry and Joe Denaro
Danny Roberts of Igor and Andre with Jimmy and I
Larisa, Elvis, and I posing

The incredible Janis Salek, Joe Denaro, and I

The Venue

Anna Wintour chatting before the show

The Press

Karlie Kloss

Caroline Trentini

Chanel Iman and Anna Dello Russo front row

Joe Zee from Elle

Joe Denaro sketching the looks

After the show and feeling euphoric

de la Renta that is ;) This past Wednesday my FIT fashion illustration block had the great privilege of attending his Fall 2011 show at the opulent Parc Ave location on the UES of Manhattan. You can imagine how much my heart was racing as we approached the swarming crowd of industry power players lining up outside the show. Within five minutes of finding my classmates, Anna Dello Russo stepped out in her gold cherry headpiece to be snapped by the hoards of photographers owning the streets. Two seconds later Garance Dore and Scott Schuman showed up to scope out the scene for possible snap worthy ensembles as I looked onwards in astonishment.

For those of you who have been following my blog you already know how deeply rooted my love for fashion (particularly fashion illustration) is. Only a short year ago I was religiously reading Dore's blog, alongside Danny Roberts' Igor and Andre, dreaming that one day it could be me. Suddenly, in what felt like the blink of an eye, it was. After standing in the procession for about 30 minutes, having my shoes filmed by a TV crew eyeing noteworthy accessories, we started to enter the show. As we did, I found myself shoulder to shoulder with the extraordinarily talented Roberts. He graciously posed for a photo with me taken by his brother.

Of course Nina Garcia had to be entering right behind me watching my school girl fandom go down lol. What is a girl to do really with every major editor from Vogue shuffling into the same grand foyer as her in a single moment? My class was instructed to walk-up to the balcony overlooking the runway and position ourselves for the start of the show. Looking over the railing at the stunning chandelier I found my eyes wandering directly to the front row where I could see Anna Wintour's perfectly coiffed bob resting stoically next to Grace Coddington's signature red hair. Across the way was Joe Zee from Elle and the major buyers from Bergdorf.

The show began like a thunder clap when the lights dimmed and Karlie Kloss hit the runway in the first look. I found myself overcome with a wave of emotion. I really had to hold back the tears which is so unlike me lol. I didn't think anyone else around would understand what that moment meant and I sort of didn't want my feelings to be reduced to 'dramatics'. The truth was in that instant I felt my life come full circle. Four years earlier I was attending shows at Toronto's fashion week for a very different purpose. Now suddenly I was watching the debut of one of the most important designer collections in New York as an illustrator. What more can I say?

One luxuriously tailored and embellished garment after another came down the runway hanging from the shoulders of Chanel Iman, Lindsey Wixson, Daphne Groeneveld (my new obsession), and Caroline Trentini. I still cannot believe I was apart of this moment. Now our class is responsible for creating an art piece inspired by the collection to be submitted to Oscar de la Renta for their website. In other words, a second post will be on its way shortly with my Oscar dream realized. I'm forever grateful to Karen Santry, Janis Salek, and Joe Denaro for accompanying our class and ensuring our admittance to this show. I owe you big. Stay tuned for my Oscar art piece.

Lots of love,
Meag xx

For better photos of the garments please view the show on!!


  1. The way in which you manage to convey the emotion you felt while attending the show can almost transport me to that moment.
    I am glad you had such a great time!

  2. it's so amazing that you got to do this! YAY FIT!!!

  3. oh my... first of all: you look absolutely stunning (vitally important when you go to a fashion show, no?). secondly: i have to come back later to read the full story, since I'm already at work. it's sunday... you know. :(

  4. He is such a classic:)

    Have a great day.

  5. OMG, this must have been absolutely amazing for you, go Meagan! :) I'm sure this is just a beginning of an exciting fashion illustration life for you and that there are many more to come, looking forward to seeing your creation for de la Renta, so exciting :)

    Veronika (

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  7. I have many things to say:

    Your photos are great, we believe it! ;)

    Your dress was just gorgeous!

    I think you're very lucky, certainly, but you are talented! you had to work hard to get where you are. Something tells me this is just the beginning;) You can be proud ...

    Bisous! xx

  8. Damn!!LUCKY YOU!!I really loved this show, i talked about this on my blog too but i'm not so lucky to take part of NYFW (not even Milan FW LOL)!You look so beautiful in those pics, so happy!

  9. what a wonderful experience...!and great style you had in the pictures! :)

    Beautiful illustrations in your blog, I have to say!

  10. I'm so happy for you. sounds like you had a great experience, something that will keep you going for ages. not saying you need any more motivation ;) I think you know what I mean, lol....

  11. I spent all day working on my new blog so my brain is just melted ahah and I really don't have any energies left to read all your post, will read it very well tomorrow and post my thoughts ;)

    Just one thing (I'm tired but I could see the pics at least! eheh) you're TOO GORGEOUS!! And your skirt is super cool!! And the shoes even more!! And the coat... ahhhhrrrgghh!! I love you!! ahahaha

    Big kiss


    (PS: this is the new Red Dot!

  12. Looks like a great time! Great outfit!

  13. What a wonderful experience!
    Love your outfit, you looked perfect for the show!
    Hope you didn't have to sit behind ADR and her huge cherry headpiece!

  14. oh my gosh. This is a fabbbbulous post!! And how stunning do you look in your outfit, I LOVE it! All of these photos are great! I used to read danny robert's blog religiously too :) so happy for you to meet him, he seems like such a sweetheart and his brother too!!
    That is such a fantastic opportunity for you and your class, I can't believe it, so excited to see your oscar dream illustration!! :)
    Enjoyed reading this post so much hun you always have a great way with words!!

  15. @RX-SZ I'm so touched by what you said, thank-you!! I'm especially flattered because you're an excellent writer as well.

    @Emma you were there front row. I could have sworn I saw you sitting next to Hamish :)

    @Kazucopy thank-you so much, honestly I was relieved I HAD something to wear. I was so nervous getting dressed because I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard. That's almost as bad as not trying at all.

    @Girl in Oslo thank-you love, you too :)

    @sfd thank-you dear Veronika, I finally posted the art piece yay xx

    @Gigi Mind thank-you for saying that. You're right, attending this show didn't just come to me, it was through hard work and determination xx

    @Christine I saw your fabulous coverage. Thank-you for the complement I was SO happy being there. It felt like I was dreaming xx

    @verychiclist thank-you so much for visiting. I'm happy to be acquainted with you.

    @Petra haha I know EXACTLY what you mean. I think it was just what I needed to realize how everything comes full circle xx

    @Al darling Al don't worry I totally know. The post will be here so take your time and thank-you for all the amazing complements.

    @Katie thank-you so much. I think all my Vogue reading is finally paying off haha :)

    @Violetta <3

    @Alessandra haha no actually we were standing at the balcony so I most definitely did not have to struggle with Anna's cherry headpiece.

    @Meg so happy you visited, I've missed our blog exchanges. I knew you would enjoy the photo of Danny and I because I see you re tweeting his tweets sometimes. I honestly had a freak out when I saw him like hey my posts are next to your posts on the art category of bloglovin' US LOL!!

  16. i love this post! you look great as well...i wish i was able to attend an Oscar de la Renta show!!
    Looking forward to part 2!


  17. Thanks for sharing this wonderful event.
    Agree, Danny Roberts is super talented. Love his work! You have accomplished so much yourself, we are all proud of you.

    Circle of Design Fashion Illustration


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