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Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Evening My Loves,

This past weekend I had the great fortune of meeting the gorgeous and endearing blogger Ania . B!! When I found out she would be in town for a fashion blogger's conference I was ecstatic over the opportunity of seeing her. You can check out a photo of our Marc by Marc Jacobs shopping extravaganza on her blog here. One of the sweetest individuals ever, I'm so fortunate to have met her. Furthermore, my class has been preparing to illustrate at the Oscar De La Renta show tomorrow. We practiced by illustrating the make-up room backstage at an FIT fashion show.

I've been really trying to push myself and challenge my comfort zone when it comes to my illustrations this week. It feels like all the instructions I've collected over 4 semesters is finally falling into place. I love going faster, letting go of my fears of perfection, seeing what comes out when I let myself go. I feel myself improving in my ability to think about what requires definition and what can be left to draw itself. I guess in a way it's all a reflection of me growing into myself, embracing all the mistakes along the way. Feels like Valentine's Day really worked this year :)

Much love,
Meag xx

Kayla and I Backstage
James and Karina anxious to draw
Looking over the balcony


  1. Being busy is always a good sign!
    I like this line, "I feel myself improving in my ability to think about what requires definition and what can be left to draw itself." So poetic! :)

  2. I am glad you are enjoying this busy period of time. sounds like things are going well. I'm happy for you :)


  3. I am so excited and happy for you!! It's very nice when one can translate a very busy period in enthusiasm and strength to do even better: because you're doing what you like.

    I hope you will show us the results of your illustration session at Oscar De La Renta!! I love his collections, and I would really like to see this through your talented eyes :-)

    I loooove the first drawing with all my mights (also the other ones are extremely beautiful, but with the first one I just fell in love!) ahaha really! Can I buy it? :D

    (in the end, I didn't have time to enter your giveaway... and also didn't find a decent pic of myself to send for it... and also didn't find JUST ONE collection I loved ahah)

    A big kiss


  4. I'm happy 4 u :) I've read that ur very busy this period with job!so perfect, isn't it? :D


  5. My comment will be simple, and to the point:)
    I LOVE IT:)

    Have a great day.

  6. Very interesting post! you're lucky to do what you like, you're busy but in the right way. Good for you! :)

    Your drawing are very beautiful!

  7. Beautiful work Meagan! This is such a difficult style to control. I wish I could do that!
    It all sounds like you are having a real good and successful time! Great!
    I didn't have the time to answer your comment before but I wanted to say thanks and I answered your question on my blog.

    Priscella Manon x

  8. Meag, this looks wonderful! As I said many times, with each drawing you are more perfect :-) Funny how letting go of perfectionism makes us perfect, ha? :-)))


  9. So happy for you. Being busy now will be worth it later on.
    Being there is such an amazing experience!

    Cirlce of Design Fashion Illustration

  10. Gorgeous!!! I especially love the first 2!

  11. @RX-SZ I love being busy, seeing how I navigate through it. Thank-you for saying that line is poetic. It makes me feel understood :)

    @Petra thank-you for your constant support and encouragement. Nothing is ever what it seems, but I'm doing the best I can with all these new ventures on my horizon xx

    @Al darling Al thank-you for your sweet words as always. I really liked the first illustration too because I used various instruments to construct the line quality. Don't worry about the giveaway, there will be other opportunities.

    @Norah thank-you so much, I wish drawing at fashion shows was a full-time job. Hopefully one day it will be :) xx

    @Girl in Oslo thank-you, you're so sweet xx

    @Gigi Mind busy in the right way, I love that!! Yes busy in the right way feels like it brings me closer to my dreams not further away.

    @Priscella Manon wonderful I will be sure to check it out shortly xx

    @Maya I so agree, imperfect is perfect because it comes from being true to you xx

    @Ania B big hugs xx

    @Aldina you're so right, and yes you will see very soon yourself :)

    @Violetta E. :)

    @Monika Roe thank-you so much, I'm always so flattered when you comment. Your work is so amazing :)

  12. Awesome! I really love your illustrations!

  13. Wow... just wow! I adore these! Everything you do is amazing, it's great to push yourself and work outside of your comfort zone because you never know what you might end up with unless you try, and these have turned out beautifully!
    P.S. there's nothing like listening to a bit of Daft Punk :)

  14. Darling, you had me blushing with your latest comment lol <3 You know I love you, it is probably to early to say it, but there it is :D Would you be interested in letting me feature you? Let me know and I will email you sweetie. Hope everything is well with you, I am getting by with the help of heavy drinking hhahahha. hugs

  15. NY FW is a real work for who lives in the city :) A wonderfull week.
    Amazing drawing as always ;)


  16. @Sabrina O. thank-you darling, are you an artist too?

    @Vanilla oh sweet Vanilla, honestly somehow you find the beauty in everything and it's so admirable. I'm not that proud of these works but I like that I pushed myself in them and that's what's important. Hope all is well. I'm about to visit your blog xoxo

    @Anika I tweeted you gorgeous OF COURSE I would be honored to be featured by you. Much much love xoxo

    @Christine work/play seem to be one in the same with NYFW :) Loved March Jacobs collection :)

  17. Illustrations look awesome Meag! Lots of exciting things going on with you :) Keep up the great work! Big things ahead for you girl, I just know it!


  18. Beautiful illustrations Meagan! The second one is my favorite. Everything is so fluid and pleasing. Your style is exciting, as is attendance of NYFW. Sounds like you had a great time!

  19. These are wonderful! You have a very cool style.

  20. SO beautiful! can we work together ?!?



  21. @M what exactly do you have in mind? I'm interested always :)

  22. Well, I already told you that you're living the life I'm meant to live and now that you've shared this I would like to ask again when can I get the keys to your apartment and the place on your course, hm? :D Your illustrations are so wonderful Meagan, they really are, and I can't see any other future for you but a future that includes traveling, writing and drawing, it's your destiny girl :)

  23. @sfd oh I really hope so, and thank-you so much for writing that. I hope you had a fabulous birthday and that you savored every minute of your deserved rest :)


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