My Third Job: Lida Baday Admin Assistant

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Darling Sandy and I
In Shipping with Eugene
Working on Sell Throughs
Wearing Lida Baday for the X'mas Party
Champagne Cheers
Andrea Lee and I
My Goodbye Soiree
Sandy's Beautiful Decorations
Last Day in the Front Office
Beautiful Cara
Paul, Myself, and Eugene
Last Day Celebration
My Gorgeous Sister and I
Tim and Matt Joining the Goodbye Festivities
Old Meets New (Lida Baday in Saks Window NYC)
My New Home - FIT New York

Hello Lovelies,

The day has finally arrived to reveal the third and final installment of my story of finding fashion illustration. Your feedback has been so incredible and I'm so grateful to have connected with all of you through this journey. You've made writing it worth it beyond belief. Again if you're just tuning into the story you can read part 1 and 2 by clicking the links. To continue, I called a meeting with my then boss to discuss my future at the agency. He knew, as well as I knew, that my heart wasn't in it. The truth was I raced into that job without taking a moment to really think about what I wanted to do. I hadn't stopped to face myself since starting McGill five years earlier.

I had to bow out gracefully with as much gratitude and poise as possible. After all, I had learned a lot about myself and found the biggest clue while working there: fashion illustration. That night I raced home to Chapters to find the fashion art book section. Like a shining beacon of hope, the walls were lined with actual books devoted to the profession of fashion illustrator. I felt like I had won the lottery. "You mean to tell me that there is an ACTUAL CAREER that combines my TWO LOVES?" My heart was literally pounding as I tore through the pages, one example after another of amazing illustrators making careers out of DRAWING FASHION!!

At the back of the book Fashion Illustrator by Bethan Morris was a list of the interviewed illustrators and their contact info. Low and behold Toronto based Virginia Johnson was one of the listed artists. I had called in samples of her illustration based garments whilst working at FASHION Magazine. As you can imagine, light bulbs were shooting on in my head like fireworks. Suddenly all the pieces were falling into place. After purchasing that book, my first of many fashion illustration books to come, I started frantically searching the internet for schools that taught this profession. Eureka, FIT in NYC offered a two year AAS in my dream career!!

I immediately sent out an email to Virginia asking if she would meet with me for an informal interview. That same week I booked a trip to New York to visit the school and investigate the program. While I was visiting the campus I received a response from Virginia asking me to come in and see her upon my return, and so I did. I brought with me a few samples of my work and a list of questions. She remains to this very day my career icon. She graciously answered everyone of my questions and made me believe that I WAS actually good at what I loved. The greatest advice she gave me was to pursue what I love and not what will make my life easier.

Let it be known more often than not, what you love eventually does make your life easier, because you're being true to yourself.

The truth was though, I still had my doubts. That little voice inside my head was telling me to pursue accessory design because finding a job would be easier. But that WASN'T what I WANTED to do. I wanted to be an illustrator who would one day translate their art into wearable products, just like Virginia, just like Vera. I wanted to collaborate with an accessory designer, not be an accessory designer. I did A LOT of soul searching for two months before finding my third and final job at Lida Baday. When I got the call for my interview regarding a one year contract position at Canada's leading Women's Wear designer, I took it as another 'sign'.

A one year contract filling in for someone on maternity leave meant that I had no responsibility beyond that one year. That one year would take me right up until the day I would have to move to New York to pursue my complete and utter passion. That one year taught me more about myself than any other year combined. That one year required me to assist the VP of Sales and PR Manager for sales meetings, luncheons, magazine stylist pulls. More than anything, that one year brought me a connection with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Oh and did I mention that one year happened to be my Champagne Year (turned 23 on the 23rd of Sept 2008).

So there you have it, my story of finding fashion illustration. It took MANY twists and turns to get there, but my unwavering desire to find my calling brought me to where I needed to be. Maybe you reading this is exactly where you need to be, to realize what it is that you love, or maybe that you're doing exactly what you need to be doing right now, in this given moment. I've only been back in school (my final semester) for one week and already the universe is presenting me with unexplainable opportunities. I see the 'law of attraction' at play yet again and I have every bit of faith that I will get to where I need to be. Thank-you again for tuning in.

Much much love,
Meag xx


  1. Such an inspiration! Loved all the posts.

    I'm definitely not going to be an electronics engineer for a long time. Nevertheless, I have to be one for a couple of years after I graduate though.

    I still don't know what I'd do instead of an engineer, and that's the tough part :/

    Anyway, I'm glad you found what you wanted to pursue :D I hope I'll discover mine soon.

  2. Meagan, I'm so happy you've found what makes you happy, and its wonderful to see everyday in class the joy that you hold for fashion illustration! Love you SO so much.


  3. It's really impressive how consequently and with a big strenght you follow your own path and try to do what you really love. I wish you GOOD LUCK and continuous development of yourself ;) x

  4. So lovely dear.. I knew there is going to be a happy ending :-P hehe...
    Well I think it's great you made these posts so next time you feel unsure about what is in store for you, you can come and read them and remind yourself that everything will work out for the best (and best beyond your idea at the moment).
    I think it also works beacause you were open to life and ideas. :-)


  5. the grand finale :) good luck with your last semester. are we going to hear about the new opportunities?


  6. You know, when I read through this I can really feel so much passion, you truly are where you belong and that's one of the best things that can ever happen to anyone. I have no doubt that with your passion for what you love and do there will be many more great stories to come :)

  7. @aggie as I said sweets, you just need to finish your course and you will be open to the next chapter of your life. I always seem to forget whenever I'm not in school that I have meaning in my life. Now that I'm back I really see everything coming together and it will for you too. My sister kindly reminded me while I was home that everything gets better after school and she's right. It always does xx

    @Jimmy my baby brother, so much of that happiness comes from being able to share this all with you. Love YOU so so much. See you tomorrow in Joe's class.

    @agnes you worded your comment so beautifully. Thank-you ever so much for the well wishes.

    @Maya I'm so glad too, in fact I can remember you writing me a while ago and suggesting I talk about me graduating and that being an interesting read. I realize that people can gain so much from hearing each other's stories, that it's not being self-indulgent or anything like that. I will come back to this because lord knows I'll need it lol.

    @Petra darling Petra, thank-you again for following the journey. I really hope the opportunities come through so I can share them lol :) Some involve other students at the school so fingers crossed.

    @sfd thank-you for such a sweet comment. I think the same for you, your passion, dedication, is really so strong. I loved today's sfd entry, just hilarious as always xoxo

  8. I loved this last post of the series, it gave me the feeling of a jigsaw that when finished unravels a beautiful image, an image that you were trying to imagine while you were struggling to fit the pieces in the right place but that never looked clear, bright and full of beauty as when everything was in the right position and complete.

    I am sure that this journey through your memories helped you a lot and I am also sure that it will inspire many of us as well, to pursue our dreams and find our paths :-)

    I am so happy when I read you, to feel so much passion and love for what you do. It really makes you feel that the world is quite a positive place in the end.

    Many kisses


    (Oh! And I wanted to tell you that you're so beautiful!!)

  9. Ah, the perfect conclusion to your story. Well, not THE END, but you know what I mean! :)

    GI Joe taught us that knowing is half the battle. Great post Meagan.

    Love your shoes in that first picture.

  10. What a fascinating life you've had!It was so exciting to find out what happened :) Good luck with your final semester!

  11. Wow, great story.

    Can I just say how gorgeous you look in each and every photo? I love your dresses.

  12. I loved reading your journey! I know we chatted about most of this when I interviewed you but it's so nice to hear more detail! Your story is totally inspiring and I really hope it inspires more people to pursue what they love, like you inspired me!
    Hopefully I will get to where I want to be. I know it's going to be a roundabout sort of way of getting there, but i'm not as fortunate as some to be able to go straight to uni. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to, but i'm hoping the industry will look at my ability rather than lack of degree.
    Also, love the photos! You are such a sunny person Meag! :)

  13. You are one of most amazing people that i know!
    Fabulous post, you are very talented!!

    P.s: i like the picture number 4 xoxoxoxo

  14. Hi
    love the work space sweety:)

    Greetings from Norway...
    have a great day..

  15. I wish you good luck!!!!

    xx Marina

  16. Meagan your story makes me believe that what I want is actually possible too. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    p.s. Thanks for your wonderful comment about my pictures. I hope I don't disappoint with the upcoming sets. :)

  17. You look FAB!!!! Love the first outfit you wearing!!!

    Wish you a wonderfuld day!!!


    johanna, sweden

  18. Wow, you've had such a long an eventful journey that was so rewarding! How wonderful that you managed to find what you were looking for after all that - proof that following your heart can really pay off! And will also lead to a greater and happier future! Such an inspirational story!

  19. @Vanilla yes it definitely was a long and eventful journey lol. I just think if you are so focused on finding something, in a roundabout way, you often do!! Now it's about the next step, what happens after my education, how will the next chapter fall into place. I'm scared, excited, nervous, anxious, but more than anything I'm positive. That has a lot to do with you, other fellow bloggers, and this series of posts :)

  20. Look at YOU girl! Hope to see you on Thursday!
    Beautiful work throughout your blog! LOVE the sunglasses you put on the Jil Sander drawings! I actually WANT them! Ha, can you create them and make them appear!?

    come by my new giveaway!!!


  21. Meagan, in all seriousness, you are talented and smart, and you have "The Secret." ;) You know what you want, the future is yours.

  22. you are so inspirational and talented, can't wait to see more of your creations:)

  23. Meag you truly are an inspiration for so many. With your talent and drive, the sky's the limit! We were so lucky to have you working with us at Lida Baday and I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! You were my best friend and confidant (and still are)..Now the days are just 9-5 :(
    Aspire to your dreams Meag!
    Love you as always..

  24. great pics! and You look so pretty!
    fab look also <3

    kisses from behind blue eyes :)

  25. Thanks for sharing your story Meagan. Your passion and persistence shines through…and it’s catchy! This post is definitely not the ending to a happy story, but the beginning of a wonderful and fulfilling career path.

    I’m hopping that in a few years I will purchase your book and hopefully even get a signed copy.


  26. @Al I know I already told you but what you wrote is so beautiful. It's amazing how unclear things appear when you're living through them. Now looking back, absolutely everything makes sense. If it could happen then, why couldn't it happen now? I really do feel like my faith is restored in many ways. I know the expression everything happens for a reason is a little overused, but in actuality there are certain things that have happened in my life that can't be explained otherwise. Thank-you for the sweet complements darling xx

    @Katie haha, was it GI Joe who taught me that? Well he is one wise man :) In all seriousness, knowing IS half the battle because you can then start to narrow in on what you want.

    @Indiana thanks so much. I really hope for a smooth finish at FIT.

    @Alessandra you're so kind, thank-you, I'm blushing. I actually had another clothing allowance at Lida Baday which enabled me to afford such beautiful garments. Not anymore lol :( but at least I had the opportunity once in my life :)

    @Meg don't you worry. Everyone has a different journey and path to take and I don't think school is necessary for everyone. I think in some careers it's essential but something like art doesn't require it. Daniel Egneus, one of the hottest contemporary illustrators today, is self taught. It didn't stop him, so don't let it stop you :)

    @Christine haha thank-you darling. My sister finds photo #4 pretty funny as well :)

    @Girl about Oslo thanks love, yes it was a very beautiful office to work in.

    @Marina thank-you, hard work and a little luck is sometimes all it takes.

    @RX-SZ I assure you, you will not disappoint. Everything you photograph looks delicious be it buildings or food :p I appreciate so much what you said. I really do hope you believe in your dreams because they are very real and possible.

    @Johanna thanks so much!! I can't believe that was nearly two years ago already ahh!!

    @M unfortunately I can't make them BUT for a little sum you can probably hunt down the real ones from Jil Sander ;p

    @Katie thank-you, honestly, that means so much to me.

    @Kaleido Mind thank-you lovely, I'm so flattered you think so. I also can't wait to see what comes out of me this semester.

    @Sandy, my sweet Sandy, I'm so grateful to have you in my life. Love YOU always xoxo

    @behindblueeyes you're so sweet, thank-you so much :)

    @Aldina oh my goodness, your comment is so wonderful. I think you said it exactly right, not an end but a beginning. You most definitely will get a signed copy haha, and hopefully we will sit for coffee in NY together :)


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