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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello My Darlings,

Firstly, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for all the heartfelt comments you left on my most recent post. You've given me so much more than you could ever know with all your words of encouragement. Secondly, I would like to extend a BIG thank-you to all the new blog followers. It's so amazing to have you on board, and now onto the post. Let me just say that I find it a bit coincidental that every class model my block has been illustrating this past week has been wearing red. You see I always intended on addressing Valentine's Day on my blog and I sort of figure with all the red in my sketches, this is a good opportunity to do so.

This year, for the first time in many years, I do not have a designated Valentine's Day recipient. Even if it was just a friend, my puppy, or my family in previous years, I've always had someone to direct my love towards. So instead, I would like to propose an alternative Valentine's Day whereby I'M the recipient of my own adoration. 'Dear Meagan, will you be my Valentine?' I'm not talking total self-indulgence with sweets and shopping sprees. I'm suggesting taking Feb 14th, 2011 to actually celebrate the good in me, despite my several flaws, and directing my love in the mirror for a change. Maybe, just maybe, I will get it back in return.

What I've learnt through many hardships and let downs is that the only person you can count on is yourself. Yet we so often forget to give ourselves a pat on the back, or acknowledge that we are always there for ourselves. You're the only person who sees you through everything. You're your truest best friend, so why not be your very own Valentine this year :)!! I really believe in the saying that you can't REALLY love someone else until you love yourself. So before I turn around and spread my love to the MANY incredible people in my life this coming Monday, I think I would like to take a little time to show myself some love too.

Meag xx


  1. Ooh la la! I'd totally wear #3 if I had a reason to.

  2. Oh Meagan, I loved this post and what you have to say :-) It gives me a push to write about something for Valentines Day.

  3. What a good idea, I think I'm going to do the same, especially since 2 days after the Valentines it's my birthday, so I might as well start celebrating myself a little early :)
    As you've probably noticed by now red is my absolutely favorite color to use in my drawing, I love the way you've used it here :)

  4. Hi Meagan!

    It's my first comment in your blog, i really appreciate your illustrations, so chic and beautiful!

    I'm so agree with you! Great words, the main relationship we have to celebrate, it's the relationship that we have with ourselves!

    See ya' ;)

  5. Meagan, can I be your Valentine instead?? I love you!! And after these drawings and this post I love you even more!!ahah

    Your posts always make me happy, somehow

    kiss kiss kiss


  6. I like the way you operate the colour in your works. I like stains of colour, watercolours and contour. These reds are also very pretty :) I think I have to do some works in 'valetines colours' too, thank you for inspiring me :) Btw I'm currently reading a book which tells how to love, accept yourself and live with a harmony. You are 100% right.
    And I would like to honestly thank you for your comments on my blog ;) xx

  7. Follow u is a pleasure!ur blog is so different from others and u have talent,u have passion!I have to follow u :) amazing

  8. actually i think we really don't need valentine's. i don't like valentine's, 'cause it's in your face. everywhere. you can't escape it. and i also don't like red roses. but your drawings make me reconsider... no. i still don't like valentine's. but i do love your drawings!

  9. Wow talk about a girl with some real skills:)
    They were amazing:)

    Have a great day.

  10. Ahh such a great idea to focus on yourself for Valentine's day, it's always nice to remember the good in yourself and concentrate on it :)
    These paintings are just lovely, I love the translucent kind of quality there is to it, the paint just flows so freely and elegantly and the red really brings in such bold colour and vibrance :)

  11. Awesome illustrations.

    And I agree everything you said. I've always been told "First love who you are, then the others".


  12. I celebrate Valentine's day with my family and then I pray for them. :) Love all the illustrations and the way your incorporate the color red. :)

  13. Wow, your illustrations are awesome! The third one is my favourite.
    I'm really stunned. I'll follow you.

  14. Darling they are very perfect. I love them so so much. One of those I would just take and look at every single line. Love :-)

  15. Meagan, these are so charming, and utterly perfect! I especially love the last three; the one with the red scarf is amazing. Leaving all the white space between the scarf and the bottom of the jacket is brilliant. It really works.
    Thank you for your comment. You really made my day. I would like to visit NY in October and visit all the art galleries museums, and would LOVE to meet You! I've never been, so i'll probably look like a gawky tourist, just to forewarn you. ;)

    Your words on directing your love inward is profound and smart. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy, so I know you speak the truth. It's important to show yourself love. (I need lessons in this.) I recommend on the 15th, what the heck, sweets and shopping sprees a go go.

  16. Meag, beautiful illustrations as always! And a very very wonderfully written post! Your blog is always so optimistic and uplifting and REAL, keep up the good work lady!!


  17. Each drawing is like a frozen!!!!!
    love these colours:)

    xx Marina

  18. Good for you! I'm not a big Valentine's fan, with or without a partner. My BF and I actually ignore the holiday.

    Love your illustrations, of course, but what else is new. I especially love that first one - the red trench is Little Miss Riding Hood meets Chic. So cool.

    Just sent in my submission for your SS11 illustration...fingers crossed!

  19. Mee too. 'Dear Cristina, will you be my Valentine?' will be funnier!! I dont need a man (yes, i'm desperate) LOL

    SO, amazing art works as always, very very beautiful ;)

  20. Beautiful! Love this post! You are so talented!! I love to follow you!! The girl with the pink jacket is amazing!! Great job!!

    many kisses

  21. This is really good! I just found your blog on Bloglovin and love it! It reminds me of how my aunt, who was a amazing drawer and loved fashion - like me. You are a amazing drawer and keep it up!

  22. Love the pictures :))


  23. w.o.w. - wow wow wow!

  24. great idea! you are absolutely right. too often we forget ourselves, or don't want to appear selfish, or come up with other excuses to be harder on ourselves than necessary.

    nevertheless I'm sending some additional love over to you :)

  25. amazing!!!! love them!!!
    Thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! I hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!! oh - and there's a flash GIVE-AWAY, ending today!!!

    xoxo from rome

  26. Wow!! Lovely illustrations!!!
    Love this post!^^


  27. beautiful writing. even though i have a boyfriend, i cannot agree with you more. i am my own :) exceptional watercolour pieces too. i love watercolour <3

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  28. You're all SO amazing!! Thank-you to infinity and beyond for your encouraging words. You keep me motivated. Much love, Meag xx

  29. First of all, these are beautiful illustrations Meagan.
    Secondly, what a great post! Often, we do neglect our own feelings and fail to listen to our personal needs in life. Not many people are in harmony with themselves, and we all have things that we would like to change or improve. It is not selfish to love yourself, it shows that you are content/happy with who you are.
    Thanks for sharing and happy belated V-day!

    Cirlce of Design Fashion Illustration

  30. @Aldina thank-you deeply for such a beautiful comment. I think you can love people better and be less selfish when you love yourself more. I'm happy to know that at a young age.

  31. I fell in love with your illustrations! Not only those in this particular post - the others are just as amazing.
    I'm new around bloglovin but I will definitely keep checking your blog out, because it's beautiful!

    Interesting reflections on loving oneself too. I agree that it's very important to appreciate our own strength. But I have to admit that I probably wouldn't be the person I am now if it wasn't for my friends (whom I love with my whole heart). I always had lots of dreams but only after I met them, I had strength to start realising them and it was also thanks to watching them trying to pursue their dreams and encourging me to do the same.
    In a way, the me that I love now (and there used to be some issues with that ;) exists thanks to those friends, so how could I not love them for it? :) I hope that you get what I mean. :)
    I'm kind of a fan of the idea that all people that we meet influence us and leave a part of themselves in us. Some do it in a good way, some in a bad way, ones have little influence, others a lot. Sometimes when I think about all the wonderful people that I call my friends and see the way they influence my life, my way of thinking, I feel love towards them and towards this me. :)
    I don't know how much it has to do with your original post, I just wanted to share this reflection with someone. ;7

  32. @gormless.gorilla absolutely, your reflection is much appreciated :) I sort of think it all works hand in hand. Possibly the way you started seeing yourself affected the type of people you brought or attracted into your life. Or maybe these friends saw the good in you, that you didn't see, and they made you change the way you see yourself. Either way, we all have our own struggles, paths to follow. What's important is that the path you follow leads to your true happiness.

  33. I love the red coat in your first illustration Meagan! Oh to have a coat like that in every day life.


  34. @Indiana Munn haha I couldn't agree more, especially if it were Burberry :)

  35. I love these illustrations, very London chic. :)



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